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Restoration Age Dramatists

George Etherege (1635-1691) Dramatist of the Restoration age

@literary works@

> The Comical Revenge or Love in a Tub (1664) 
> She Would If She Could (1668)
> The Man of Mode (1676)

William Wycherley (1640-1715)

His first play 'Love in a Wood' was performed at Theatre Royal, in 1671. His two greatest and most successful comedies were The Country Wife, acted in 1675 and The Plain Dealer, in 1677. The Gentlemen Dancing Master (1672) was also written by him.

William Congreve (1670-1729)

English poet and playwright William Congreve was born in Yorkshire, England in 1670. He was educated at Kilkenny and then at Trinity College. He also studied law in Middle Temple, London. Though he entered Law College, Congreve felt the pull towards literature and started writing. At the age of 17, he wrote his first book, Incognito. 

His Majors works
> Incognito, a romantic novel (pub. 1692)
> The Old Bachelor
> The Way of the World 

Aphra Behn  (1640- 1689) | His major Literary works :

Her major works-

The Forced Marriage (1670)
• The Amorous Prince (1671)
• The Dutch Lover (1673)
• Abdelazar (1676)
• The Town Fop (1676)
The Rover (1677 Part-l, 1681 Part-ll)
• Sir Patient Fancy (1678)
• The Young King (1679)
The Roundheads (1681)
The City Heiress (1682)
• Like Father, Like Son (1682)
• The Emperor of the Moon (1687)

• Love-Letters Between a Nobleman and His Sister (1684)
Oroonoko (1688)
 Short Stories
• The History of the Nun: or, The Fair Vow-Breaker (1688)
The Dumb Virgin: or The Force of Imagination (1700)

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