Restoration Period Mcqs with Ans.

Restoration Period MCQs | English Literature

The English Restoration Period (1660-1700)

1. Which of the following refers to the Restoration in the history of England?

A. 1560
B. 1649
C. 1660
D. 1685

2. Who was the first Stuart monarch?

A. James I
B. James II
C. Charles I
D. Charles IIl

3. With which of the following is James I associated?

A. the Exclusion Bills
B. the Popish Plot
C. the dissolution of the monasteries
D. an English translation of the Christian Bible

4. Who succeeded James I to the English throne?

A. James II
B. Charles I
C. Charles II
D. Queen Anne

5. When did Charles I die?

A. 29th May1660
B. 30th May 1660
C. 30th January 1649
D. 30th January 1648

Ans. 1) c, 2) a, 3) d, 4) b, 5) c

 [Important Dates and Events of the Restoration Period]

° Theatres reopened in 1660 (were closed in 1642)

° Great Plague of London (1665-1666)
° The Great fire of London (1666)
° 'The Royal Society ' was established in 1662
° Glorious Revolution (1688-1689)
° 'Nine Years War' (1688-1697)
° James ll ascended the throne in 1685
° William lll romoved James ll in 1688 and took the throne over 1689. This act is known as "Glorious Revolution".
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