Mock Test on English Literature With Answer

 Mock Test on English Literature

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1. Who among the following is known as a peasant poet in history of English Literature?

(A) Thomas Hood

(B) James Hogg

(C) Thomas Moore

(D) John Clare✅

2. Dryden’s Essay of Dramatic Poesie (1668) is written in –

(A) 1686

(B) 1661

(C) 1660

(D) 1668✅

3. The Tottel’s Miscellany was published in -

(A) 1514

(B) 1541

(C) 1557✅

(D) 1571

4. Who wrote Life of Samuel Johnson ?

(A) Thomas Gray

(B) W. Collins

(C) J. Boswell✅

(D) W. Blake

5. The Prelude is an epic of

(A) War

(B) Self✅

(C) Society

(D) Christianity


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6. An 'Epilogue' in a play appears?

(A) In the beginning of the play

(B) At the end of the play✅

(C) At the end of the Third Act

(D) At any stage

7. The Mystery Plays deal with?

(A) The life and deeds of the saints

(B) Biblical Themes✅

(C) Heaven and Hell

(D) Moral values

8. Which is not a P in John Heywood's Interlude, 4P's ?

(A) The Palmer

(B) The Pardoner

(C) The Piper✅

(D) The Pedlar

9. The first tragedy Gorboduc was later given the title -

(A) Gammer Gurton's Needle

(B) Endymion

(C) Corpus Christi

(D) Forrex and Porrex✅

10. In which year was the Globe Theatre built ?

(A) 1588

(B) 1598

(C) 1594

(D) 1599✅

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 11.In which play is there a 'Casket Scene' ?

(A) Twelfth Night

(B) The Merchant of Venice✅

(C) The Winter's Tale

(D) The Tempest

12. "Life is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury", these lines occur in -

(A) Julius Casear

(B) Hamlet

(C) Macbeth✅

(D) Richard II

13. Addison's tragedy Cato has been called -

(A) The last of the Elizabethan tragedy

(B) The tomb of the Heroic plays

(C) The grave of English tragedy✅

(D) The burial of classical tragedy

14. Milton borrowed the theme of Comus from -

(A) Homer's Iliad

(B) Homer's Odyssey✅

(C) Virgil's Aeneid

(D) Spenser's Faerie Queene

15. "Who knows the world may end tonight ?" This line is quoted from -

(A) Rabbi Ben Ezra

(B) Evelyn Hope

(C) The Last Ride Together✅

(D) Ulysses

16. Who first coined the term ‘The Theatre of The Absurd’ in 1961?

(A) Martin Esslin✅

(B) Arthur Copit

(C) Genet

(D) Adamov 

17. Who originated the genre ‘Melodrama’ ?

(A) Tom Taylor

(B) Martin Esslin

(C) Thomas Carlyle

(D) Jean-Jacques Rousseau✅

18. Who invented the term ‘comic-epic in prose’ ?

(A) Pope

(B) Walter Scott

(C) Henry Fielding✅

(D) Henry James

19. The term ‘Medievalism’ was first used by –

(A) Dr. Jhonson

(B) Carlyle

(C) Coleridge

(D) Ruskin✅

20. Novel is the ……. of the literary forms.

(A) youngest✅

(B) oldest

(C) most primitive

(D) none of these

21. The best example of ‘Novel of Character’ is supposed to be—

(A) Thackeray’s Vanity Fair✅

(B) Scott’s Ivanhoe

(C) Richardson’s Pamela

(D) None of the above

22. The term ‘mime’, which denotes a type of drama in which an actor tells a story by means of gestures, originated in—

(A) ancient Greek and Rome✅

(B) France and Rome

(C) Italy and England

(D) none of the above 

23. ‘Hexametre’, which was the most popular ancient measure, consists of …..feet.

(A) 4

(B) 6✅

(C) 7

(D) 8

24. The influential essay ‘Metaphysical Poets’ has been written by—

(A) Donne

(B) Vaughan

(C) Cowley

(D) T.S. Eliot✅

25. Who used the term ‘Oedipus complex’ for the first time ?

(A) T. S. Eliot

(B) Sophocles 

(C) Nietzache

(D) Sigmund Freud✅

26. Ruskin coined a term When some human emotions or feeling are ascribed to an inanimate natural object, the term, used, is --

(A) repartee 

(B) pathetic fallacy✅

(C) invocation

(D) conceit

27. The well known example of Allegory is—

(A) Pilgrim’s Progress

(B) Animal Farm

(C) Lord of the Flies

(D) All the above✅

28. Which term is used when the event or person is historically incorrect?

(A) Allusion

(B) Conceit

(C) Saga

(D) Anachronism✅

29. Norman Conquest took place in

A. 1215

B. 1485

C. 1066✅

D. 1099

30. Wat Tyler’s Rebellion(Peasant Revolt) took place in———

A. 1337

B. 1340

C. 1381✅

D. 1367

31. Dryden’s All for Love is based on Shakespeare’s ————

A. Romeo and Juliet 

B. Antony and Cleopatra✅

C. Taming of the Shrew

D. Midsummer Night’s Dream 

32. Spenser’s Faerie Queene is dedicated to ————

A. Sir Philip Sydney 

B. Queen Elizabeth✅

C. Walter Scott

D. Henry VIII

33. The intellectual father of French Revolution ————

A. Rousseau✅

B. Da Vinci 

C. Blake

D. Dante

34. Pope’s Rape of the Lock contains ————

A. Single Canto

B. Three Cantos

C. Five Cantos✅

D. Twelve Cantos

35. The next in command after Satan in Paradise Lost is ————

A. Beelzebub✅

B. Moloch 

C. No one

D. Adam

36. Who discovers Duncan’s body in Macbeth?

A. Lennox

B. Ross

C. Macduff✅

D. Donalbain

37. Which nation’s army invades Scotland at the end of the play?

 A. Norway

 B. France

 C. England✅

 D. Finland

38. According to Lorenzo’s plan, how will Jessica escape from her father’s house?

A. She will disguise herself as Lorenzo’s torchbearer and slip out undetected.✅

B. She will leave during the night, while Shylock is asleep.

C. She will take her father to a large public auction and get lost in the crowd.

D. She will fake her own death.

39. What loophole in Shylock’s bond allows Portia to stop him from taking a pound of Antonio’s flesh?

A. Jewish law prohibits Shylock from practicing his trade on the Sabbath.

B. Shylock is entitled only to flesh, but not blood.✅

C. Shylock forgot to sign the bond.

D. There is no hard evidence that Antonio’s ships have sunk, and that he cannot pay the bond.

40. Who is Modthryth in Beowulf?

A. A Danish thane

B. King of the Swedes

C. A wicked queen of legend✅

D. A dragon

41. Why does Barabas tell Abigail "It is no sin to deceive a Christian"?

A. Barabas thinks that Christians are stupid and that they deserve to be misled.

B. Barabas thinks this treatment is retribution for all the times Christians have deceived Jews.

C. Christians believe that they should never be honest with heretics. Barabas argues that this also holds true for Jews, to whom Christians are heretics.✅

D. Barabas does not believe that lying is a sin.

42. Approximately how many professed Jews lived in England in the late sixteenth century?

A. 10,000

B. 1,500

C. 170

D. None✅

43. What controversial thinker does Marlowe allude to in The Jew of Malta?

A. Desiderius Erasmus

B. Martin Luther

C. Nostradamus

D. Machiavelli✅

44. Which play is generally accepted as being Shakespeares first?

A Taming of the Shrew

B Henry VI✅

C Romeo and Juliet

D None

45. In which play would you find the following quote When shall we three meet again, In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

A Taming of the Shrew

B The Merry Wives of Windsor

C Macbeth✅

D none of the above


46. In which play would you find a character called Starveling?

A The Merry Wives of Windsor

B Othello

C A Midsummer Nights Dream✅

D None of these

47. “The ice-cream was not too bad”. The sentence shows

the use of:

A. Litotes✅

B. Irony 

C. Oxymoron 

D. Paradox

48. A literary technique of writing a narrative in third person in which the narrator knows the feelings and thoughts of every character in the story is termed as———


B. Parable 

C. Conceit

D. Point of view

49. A material foot in which both syllables are stressed is called

A. Iambic 

B. Trochaic 

C. Spondee✅

D. Dactyl

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50. Unintentional use of an inappropriate word similar in sound to the appropriate word, often with humorous effect is called

A. Naturalism 

B. Modernism

C. Malapropism✅

D. Postmodernism

51. Altruist describes:

A. One who is lover of beauty.

B. One who never stops.

C. A lover of mankind.✅

D. A person who hates mankind.

52.Novel Animal Farm was written by___________?

A. Shakespeare

B. William Hudson

C. George Orwell✅

D. None of these

53. Which of Shakespeare’s characters exclaims; ‘Brave, new, world!’?

(A) Ferdinand

(B) Antonio

(C) Miranda✅

(D) Prosperously 

54.The Romantic Revival in English Poetry was influenced

by the? 

(A) French Revolution✅

(B) Glorious Revolution of1688

(C) Reformation

(D) Oxford Movement

55. Which one of the following plays of Christopher Marlow tells the story of the disposition of a king by his barons and the Queen ?

A. Doctor Faustus

B. Edward the Second✅

C. The Massacre at Paris

D. The Jew of Malta

56.Which book Edmund Spenser dedicated to the Philip Sidney ?

A. The Faerie Queene

B. The shepheaedes Calendar✅

C. Complaints

D. Colin Clouts come home again

57. Who wrote following lines: “ I am involved in mankind: and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” ?

A. John Donne✅

B. John Milton

C. Earnest Hemingway

D. Lawrence

58. “Renaissance” is a—————— means re birth?

A. French word✅

B. Italian word

C. Greek word

D. Spanish word

59. After the death of Christopher Marlowe who completed his unfinished poem “Hero and Leander” ?

A. Shakespeare

B. Thomas Nash

C. George Chapman✅

D. Thomas More

60.“The Prince Of Poets in his time”, on whom grave the inscription is given ?

A. Sir Philip Sidney

B. John Milton 

C. Edmund Spenser✅

D. John Donne

61. Who did Milton have to write his works down when he became Blind ?

A. his friends

B. his friends

C. his daughters✅

D. his sons

62. Which of the following monarchs was “restored” to the British throne during the Restoration ?

A. Charles I

B. Charles II✅

C. Henry VIII

D. Charles III

63.The foundation story of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” derives from what text ?

A. The Book of “Genesis”✅

B. The Book of “Revelations”

C. “The Odyssey”

D. “Canterbury Tales”

64. The first sonnet form invented was the____________?

A. Spenserian

B. Shakespearean

C. Wordsworthian

D. Petrarchan✅

65. To which category that two works of William Shakespeare Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece belong to ?

A. Tragedies

B. Historical Plays

C. Narrative Poems✅

D. Comedies

66. What was the first name of the playing company King’s Men that William Shakespeare partly-owned ?

A. Lord Chamberlain’s Men✅

B. Stratford Theatre

C. The Queens Troupe

D. The London Theatre

67. How many of Shakespeare’s plays are classified as histories ?

A. 7

B. 10✅

C. 14

D. 18

68. Triumph, my Britain, thou hast one to show To whom all scenes of Europe homage owe. He was not of an age, but for all time”. Who wrote above lines for Shakespeare ?

A. Jonson✅

B. Bacon

C. Wordsworth

D. none of above

69. Who was killed by Hamlet unintentionally ?

A. Leartus

B. Polonius✅

C. Forinbras

D. Horatio

70. With the accession of King James to the English throne, Lord Chamberlain’s Man was renamed ?

A. King Lear

B. Gentleman

C. King’s Man✅

D. None of above

71. Identify the character in The Tempest who is referred to as an honest old counselor ?

A. Alonso

B. Ariel

C. Gonzalo✅

D. Stephano

72. Which of the following novels has the subtitle ‘A Novel Without a Hero’ ?

A. Vanity Fair✅

B. Middlemarch

C. Wuthering Heights

D. Oliver Twist

73. Sir John Falstaff is one of Shakespeare’s greatest ?

A. comic figures✅

B. historical figures

C. romantic figures

D. tragic figures

74. How many soliloquies are spoken by Hamlet in the play Hamlet ?

A. Nine

B. Five

C. Seven✅

D. Three

75. Shelley’s Adonais is an elegy on the death of _______________?

A. Milton

B. Coleridge

C. Keats✅

D. Johnson

76. A verse form using stanza of eight lines, each with eleven syllables, is known as ?

A. Spenserian Stanza

B. Ballad

C. Ottava Rima✅

D. Rhyme Royal

77. Synonym of Incredulous is _____________?

A. Dishonest

B. Honest

C. Reliable

D. Unreliable✅

78. Synonym of Enigma is _____________?

A. Question

B. Puzzle✅

C. Answer

D. Content

79. Synonym of ZEALOT is _____________?

A. Fanatic✅

B. Apathy

C. Liberal

D. Impious

80. Synonym of YELL is _____________?

A. Shackle

B. Hitch

C. Whisper

D. Shout✅

81. Which of the following is not Olympic Sport ?

A. Swimming

B. Badminton

C. Cricket✅

D. Fencing

82. How many countries are there in Asia?

A. 48✅

B. 49

C. 50

D. 46

83. Sydney is the most famous city of_______?

A. Austria

B. Australia✅

C. New Zealand

D. None of Above

84. What companion of Prophet (PBUH) was awarded with the title of “The sword of Allah”?

A. Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A)

B. Umar Farooque (R.A)

C. Ali Al-Murtaza (R.A)

D. Khalid bin Waleed (R.A)✅

85. Real name of Abu Jehal was___________?

A. Umer bin Hisham✅

B. Talha bin Zubair

C. Hanzla bin Umair

D. Abdullah bin ubai

86. Who is the Father of Urdu Literature?

A. Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

B. Mir Taqi Mir

C. Hassan Mohani

D. Molvi Abdul Haq✅

87. The Nobel Prize in Literature 2019 was awarded to___________?

A. Peter Handke✅

B. Olga Tokarczuk

C. Kazuo Ishiguro

D. Bob Dylan

88. Wow! Ah! Oh! and No! are usually used as________?

A. Preposition

B. Conjunction

C. Interjection✅

D. Adjective

89. Pedagogy is the study of___________?

A. Education

B. Teaching Methods✅

C. Learning Process

D. Guiding Students

90. The process of reasoning from one or more given statements to reach a logically certain conclusion is called___________?

A. Deductive Reasoning✅

B. Inductive Reasoning

C. Qualitative Reasoning

D. Quantitative Reasoning

91. What event brought the end of the Anglo-Saxon rule of England?

A. Norman Conquest✅

B. Black Death

C. Wars of the Roses

D. Battle of Ashdown

92. What led to the Reformation?

A. More people reading

B. The invention of the printing press

C. More people able to read the Bible

D. All of the above✅

93. Around how old was Henry VIII when he was crowned king?

A. 4 years old

B. 9 years old

C. 17 years old✅

D. 30 years old

94. Which device of logic does Bacon reject?

A. The conjecture

B. The syllogism✅

C. The premise

D. The conclusion

95. How much fine Francis Bacon had to pay when he was found guilty of corruption?

a) £20,000

b) £40,000✅

c) £10,000

d) £28,000

96. What is a romance?

A. An erotic tale of love and passion

B. A story about Romans

C. A story of knights, ladies, quests, and love✅

D. A cheap book you buy from a 


97. Which pilgrim carries a brooch inscribed with Latin words meaning “Love Conquers All”?

A.The Prioress✅

B. The Wife of Bath

C. The Monk

D. The Squire

98. Why are the travelers going to Canterbury?

A. They are on a pilgrimage to visit the healing waters of Aquinas.

B. They are on a pilgrimage to see the relics of St. Thomas Becket.✅

C. They are on a pilgrimage to see King Thomas Becket.

D. They are on a pilgrimage to visit the great Shakespearean theater of Canterbury.

99. In the play ‘Everyman’, What does God describe as "damnable"?





100. To Whom does Lady Sneerwell love in ‘The School for Scandal’





1. Which of the following is considered the first great work in world literature ___________?

A. Divine Comedy

B. Epic of Gilgamesh✅

C. Brother Karamazov

D. Anna Karenina

2. Negative Capability to Keats, means_______________?

A. The ability to sympathize with other

B. Say bad thing, about others

C. To empathize✅

D. None of these

3. “not of an age, but for all time”-was told about Shakespeare by whom ?

A. Marlowe

B. Ben Johnson✅

C. King Henry

D. John Milton

4. ‘Hamlet and Oedipus’ was written by_______________?

A. Bradley

B. Dover Wilson

C. Earnest Jones✅

D. Freud

5. “The Crown of Wild Olive”, and “Superiority of Women” are written by__________________?

A. Ruskin✅

B. J.S.Mill

C. C. Lamb

D. Russell

6. Which on of the following is first long poem in English ?

A. The Wanderer

B. Beowulf✅

C. The Seafarer

D. Dream of the Road

7. Which of the following is not a tragedy written by Shakespeare ?

A. Macbeth

B. Othello

C. Merchant of Venice✅

D. None of these 

8. In Shakespeare “Character is not Destiny” but “character and Destiny”. Whose comment is this ?

A. Bradley✅

B. Dr. Johnson

C. Nicoll

D. None of these

9. ______________is the school of literary writings is a medical theory ?

A. Comedy of Manners

B. Theater of the Absurd

C. Heroic Tragedy

D. Comedy of Humours✅

10. ‘Prometheus Unbound’ is a lyrical drama by__________________?

A. Shelley✅

B. Aeschylus 

C. Sophocles

D. Euripedes

11. ‘Elegy’ is______________________?

A. Historical poem

B. figurative story

C. song of lamentation✅

D. short story

12. Who is the writer of the poetic work ‘Nun Priest’s Tale’ ?

A. Geoffrey Chaucer✅

B. Cynewulf

C. Robert Browning

D. Shelley

13. In which age is ‘The Puritan Period’ included ?

A. The Renaissance✅

B. The Non-classical

C. The Romantic

D. The Modern

14. “Undo this Button” is a line from Shakespeare’s________________?

A. Hamlet

B. Othello

C. King Lear✅

D. Julius Caeser

15. Catharsis refers to the term_______________?

A. characters in play

B. animals in play

C. sympathy to others

D. arouse of pity and fear✅

16. The literary figure who had the most pronounced effect on Keats was_______________?

A. Dante

B. Shakespeare✅

C. Wordsworth

D. Shelley

17. Who wrote ‘The Spanish Tragedy’ ?

A. John Lyly

B. Thomas Kyd✅

C. Robert Green

D. Christopher Marlowe

18. Who is known as the national poet of England_________________?

A. William Wordsworth

B. John Keats

C. William Shakespeare✅

D. T. S. Eliot

19. The first Englishwoman to earn her living as a playwright was______________?

A. Nell Gwynn

B. Aphra Behn✅

C. Lady Teazle

D. Ann Hathaway

20. Which of the following periods of English literature came last ?

A. The Elizabethan Age

B. The Commonwealth Period✅

C. The Jacobean Age

D. The Middle English Period

21. He was not a Renaissance writer________________?

A. William Shakespeare

B. Sir Philip Sidney

C. Christopher Marlowe

D. Sir Thomas Malory✅

22. Who wrote the poem, ‘The Seven Ages’ ?

A. John Milton

B. Geoffrey Chaucer

C. William Shakespeare✅

D. Edward Gibbon

23. The prevailing feature of Chaucer’s humour is its__________________?

A. urbanity✅

B. crudity

C. triviality

D. sanctity

24. What do you mean by Burlesque ?

A. a satiric caricature of the characters✅

B. a drama

C. a satiric person

D. an allegorical statement

25. What do you mean by Beast Fable ?

A. a fictional story of animal characters✅

B. a short story

C. a long narrative prose

D. a soft style epic

26. The Poet Laureate is_________________?

A. the best poet of the country

B. a winner of Noble Prize in Poetry

C. the court poet of England✅

D. a classical poet

27. What is anthology ?

A. collection of poems✅

B. collection of insects

C. fish cultivation

D. study of poetry

28. Utopia is an ideal state written by_______________?

A. Thomas Gray

B. William Shakespeare

C. George Bernard Shaw

D. Thomas More✅

29. The beginning of the renaissance may be traced to the city____________?

A. Venice

B. London

C. Paris

D. Florence✅

30. A poem which consists of fourteen line having an octave and sestet is called________________?

A. Shakespearean Sonnet

B. Spenserian Sonnet 

C. A ballad

D. Petrarchan Sonnet✅

31. “Tales from Shakespeare” is written by________________?

A. Shakespeare

B. Lambs✅

C. Lawrence

D. Mary Anne Evans

32. What the term Blank Verse refers_____________?

A. having no rhyming end✅

B. having no rhythmic flow

C. having no significance

D. having no blanks in the verse

33. The king Claudius was killed by________________?

A. Laerteus

B. Hamlet✅

C. Horatio

D. He committed suicide 

34. The play ‘The Alchemist’ is written by_______________?

A. Ben Johnson✅

B. Samuel Johnson

C. Marlowe

D. None of them

35. Which was the oldest period in English literature ?

A. Anglo-Norman

B. Anglo-Saxon✅

C. Chaucer’s period

D. Middle Age

36. What do you mean by Heroic Couplet ?

A. a pair of rhyming iambic pentameter✅

B. a two line stanza

C. a poem of lamentation

D. a song for mourning

37. Total number of sonnets written by Shakespeare______________?

A. 102

B. 154✅

C. 163

D. 194

38. What was the main battle between the English and Normans?

A. Battle of Hastings✅

B. Battle of London

C. Battle of Norway

D. Battle of Normandy

39. On what day was William of Normandy crowned king of England?

A. 1-Apr

B. 4-Jul

C. 31-Oct

D. 25-Dec✅

40. Why did Henry VIII start his own Church in England?

A. The pope refused to perform the marriage ceremony 

B. The pope wouldn't divorce him

C. The pope wouldn't let him marry two women at once

D. The pope wouldn't annul his first marriage so that he could have a son✅

41. What is the practice of allowing buyers to escape their punishments?

A. Indulgences✅

B. Considerations

C. Practicum

D. Ignatius

42. Who painted the Mona Lisa?

A. Michelangelo

B. Donatello

C. Van Eyck

D. da Vinci✅

43. Which document criticized the practices of the Catholic Church?

A. The Ten Commandments

B. The Histories

C. 95 Theses✅

D. The Rights of the Church

44. Marlowe's poem 'The Passionate Shepherd to His Love' begins with the line "Come live with me and be my love"; which other English author wrote a famous poem beginning with this line?

 A. John Donne✅

 B. John Dryden

 C. William Shakespeare

 D. Thomas Kyd

45. Which of these Kings was the subject of a play by Marlowe?

 A. Henry V

 B. Richard III

 C. Edward II✅

 D. John

46. Marlowe's play 'Tamburlaine the Great' was based loosely on the life of which Asian ruler?

 A. Timur✅

 B. Kublai Khan

 C. Genghis Khan

 D. Zhu Yuanzhang

47. After Faustus signed the contract with the Devil, what was the first thing he asked Mephistophilis to give him?

A. A way to understand plants and animals

B. A book of incantations

C. A prostitute

D. A wife✅

48. How long does Faustus offer to be punished, if his soul could be saved afterwards?

A. One hundred thousand years✅

B. One hundred years

C. One thousand years

D. Six month

49. What gift does Faustus use his magic to acquire for the duchess?

A. A dish of ripe grapes✅

B. A horse, made from a haystack

C. Golden thread

D. Hasenpfeffer

50. Who steals one of the books from Faustus' library?

A. Rafe

B. Robin✅

C. The clown

D. Wagner

51. After Beowulf defeats Grendel’s mother, how long does he rule over the Geats?

A. 10 years

B. 20 years

C. 3 years

D. 50 years✅

52. At the first banquet, who taunts Beowulf about a swimming match with Breca?

A. Heardred

B. Hygelac

C. Unferth✅

D. Wiglaf

53. How many men does it take to carry Grendel’s head back to the mead-hall?

A. 100

B. 2

C. 20

D. 4✅

54. It is the religion of the Anglo-Saxon.

A. Hinduism

B. Animism

C. Atheist

D. Paganism✅

55. What event brought the end of the Anglo-Saxon rule of England?

A. Norman Conquest✅

B. Black Death

C. Wars of the Roses

D. Battle of Ashdown

56. What is the final fate of The Fool?

A. He falls in love with Cordelia.

B. He inherits Lear's property.

C. He sneaks out of town in disguise.

D. We're never told what becomes of the fool.✅

57. Who does Kent reappear as after being banished by Lear?

A. Caius✅

B. Curan

C. Poor Tom

D. The Fool

58. Who said the following: "I grow; I prosper; / Now, gods, stand up for bastards."

A. Edgar

B. Edmund✅

C. Lear

D. Oswald

59. Who said the following: "You have begot me, bred me, loved me: I / Return those duties back as are right fit, / Obey you, love you, and most honour you."

A. Cordelia✅

B. Edmund

C. Goneril

D. Regan

60. Why does the Duke of Burgundy eventually reject Cordelia?

A. Because he falls in love with Regan.

B. Because she is too strong spirited.

C. Because she will bring him no dowry.✅

D. Because the love for her father is too strong to allow her to love him.

61. Approximately how much time has passed between the death of King Hamlet and the remarriage of Gertrude to Claudius?

A. One year

B. Six months

C. Two months✅

D. Two weeks

62. How does Laertes die?

A. Fortinbras kills him to revenge his father’s death.

B. Hamlet stabs him with a poisoned sword.✅

C. He drinks from Claudius’ poisoned cup.

D. He stabs himself in a moment of regret for having tricked Hamlet.

63. Which of the following characters sees the ghost of Hamlet’s father first?

A. Claudius

B. Hamlet

C. Horatio

D. Marcellus✅

64. Why does the apparition appear in Gertrude’s chamber?

A. To protect Gertrude from Hamlet’s excessive anger✅

B. To prove to Gertrude that Hamlet is not mad

C. To show Gertrude that she is forgiven for remarrying so quickly

D. To warn Gertrude that Claudius is a murderer

65. Why is Hamlet sent to England?

A. Claudius knows that Hamlet is insane.

B. Claudius wants the King of England to have Hamlet killed.✅

C. Gertrude fears someone will harm Hamlet for killing Polonius.

D. Ophelia tells the queen that Laertes has sworn to kill Hamlet.

66. How does Macduff react on hearing the news of his family's murder?

A. He blames himself and vows to take revenge upon Macbeth.✅

B. He commits suicide.

C. He gets hives.

D. He seeks out Lady Macbeth for consolation.

67. Who says the following: "All hail Macbeth, Hail to thee, Thane of Glamis."

A. Cawdor

B. Hecate

C. Lady Macbeth

D. The Witches✅

68. Why does Macbeth envy Malcolm?

A. He has been named heir to the throne.✅

B. He is a better soldier.

C. He is marrying Hecate.

D. He is the son of Duncan.

69. As You Like It ends with which character addressing the audience directly?

A. Duke Senior

B. Rosalind✅

C. Touchstone

D. Celia 

70. Oliver's hatred of Orlando turns into love when Orlando

A. carves poems to Rosalind in the trees.

B. defeats Charles.

C. kills a lioness attacking Oliver✅

D. He remembered his father’s will

71. Who wishes to be a fool, to be "as the wind,/To blow on whom I please"?

A. Adam

B. Celia

C. Jaques✅

D. Touchstone 

72. Who is Duke Frederick's daughter?

A. Chloe

B. Celia✅

C. Phoebe

D. Rosalind

73. Who was the ghost in Hamlet?

A. Claudius

B. Hamlet

C. King of Denmark✅

D. Queen of Denmark

74. _____________ is Shakespeare's shortest play.

A. Antony and Cleopatra

B. Macbeth

C. Julius Caesar

D. The Comedy of Errors✅

75. Sonnet 1-17 deals with the theme of 

A. True Love

B. Sexual Lust

C. Procreation ✅

D. Death

76. A lover’s complaint is a sequel to 

A. Venus and Adonis

B. The Rape of Lucrece

C. Henry V

D. Shakespearean Sonnets✅

77. Which two sonnets focus on a mythical story involving Cupid?

A. SONNETS 153 AND 154✅

B. SONNETS 126 AND 127

C. SONNETS 129 AND 130


78. How many syllables are found in a traditional line of iambic pentameter?

A. 11

B. 10✅

C. 14

D. 12

79. In what country was the sonnet first used as a poetic form?





80. Sonnets 76 through 86 appear to be addressed to another writer. What is he usually called?

A. The Rival Poet✅

B. The Gifted Adversary

C. The Divine Muse

 D. The Literary Foe

81. Adonis is an elegy written on the death of

A. Keats ✅

B. A mythical youth

C. Shelley 

D. Byron

82. The term ‘bardolatry’ is coined by:

A. Ben Jonson

B. A C Bradley 

C. Shaw✅

D. Nietzsche 

83. A chronological error is termed as

A. Hamartia

B. Anachronism ✅

C. Paradox 

D. Oxymoron 

84. Hamlet is an artistic failure because there is no:

A. Unities

B. Chorus

C. Objective Correlative✅

D. Tragic Flaw

85. Ferrex and Porrex is another name of 

A. Ralph Roister Doister

B. Spanish Tragedy 

C. Faust. 

D. Gorboduc✅

86. The revenge tragedy was originated by 

A. Thomas Kyd

B. Lyly 

C. Ovid

D. Seneca ✅

87. Who is known as the Chaucer of Scotland?

A. William Dunbar✅

B. James VI

C. John Skeleton 

D. Robert Henryson

88. “A peck of pickled peppers” is an example of 

A. Alliteration ✅

B. Assonance 

C. Synecdoche 

D. Asyndeton

89. Who considers poetry as mother of lies?

A. Pope

B. Martin Luther 

C. Aristotle 

D. Plato✅

90. ——————— is called the morning star of Reformation.

A. Martin Luther

B. Henry VIII

C. John Wycliffe ✅

D. Spenser 

91. Father of English Prose is:

A. Bacon

B. Elia

C. King Alfred the Great✅

D. Venerable Bede

92. War of Roses was fought between 

A. Wigs and Tories

B. France and England 

C. Yorks and Lancasters✅

D. Protestants and Catholics 

93. Earliest surviving work in English literature is 

A. Beowulf 

B. Caedmon’s Hymn✅

C. Prologue to the Canterbury Tales 

D. The rape Lucrece 

94. Who wrote the poem Beowulf?

A. Cynewulf 

B. Caedmon 

C. William Langland

D. Anonymous ✅

95. Who is doubted among the University wits.

A. Marlowe 

B. Greene

C. Lyly 

D. Kyd ✅

96. Who wrote Preface to Shakespeare?

A. Philip Sydney 

B. Thomas More

C. A C Bradley 

D. Samuel Johnson ✅

97. How many chapters are in the Quran ?

A. 42

B. 67

C. 98

D. 114✅

98. Who is the author of ‘India Wins Freedom’ ?

A. Ghandhi

B. Nehru

C. Jinnah

D. Abul Kalam Azad✅

99. Which is NOT included in Scandinavian countries ?

A. Norway

B. Sweden 

C. Ireland ✅

D. Denmark

100. Who is considered the first poet of Urdu language?

A. Nazeer Akbar Abadi

B. Ameer Khusru ✅

C. Prem Chand 

D. Meer Dard

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