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Exam based Quizzes on William Shakespeare and his literary works. History of English Literature Quizzes

Who said 'Shakespeare has no heroes, only heroines' ?

A. Bradley
B. Elton
C. Ruskin
D. De Quincey
Ans. C

Who described Shakespeare as ' The Swan of Avon' ?

A. Dryden
B. Dr. Johnson
C. Ben Jonson
D. Wordsworth
Ans. C

'Life is a tale told by an idiot' is uttered by :

A. Othello
B. Macbeth
C. Hamlet
D. Portia
Ans. B

Who said about Shakespeare ' He sacrifices virtue to convenience' ?

A. Dryden
B. Dr. Johnson
C. Ben Jonson
D. Wordsworth
Ans. B

"With the key Shakespeare unlock his heart" this refers to :

A. Shakespeare's plays
B. Shakespeare's comedies
C. Shakespeare's tragedies
D. Shakespeare's Sonnets
Ans. D

What was the probable year of the composition of Shakespeare's play 'Macbeth' ?

A. 1604
B. 1606
C. 1610
D. 1608
Ans. B

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