Most Important Questions from Things Fall Apart by Chenua Achebe

 Following are the relevant questions/areas from Things Fall Apart.

Significance of proverbs in the Ibo culture.

Representation of women in the text

Significance of title of the "Things Fall Apart"

Post-colonial reading of the text.

Relevance of precolonial period depicted in the text

Father-Son relationship in the text (Unoka- Okonkwo, Okonkwo- Nwoye/ Ikemefuna(?)

Contextualize the following statements:

                  a) "Never kill a man who says nothing?"     

                  b) "Perhaps not a whole chapter but a reasonable paragraph at any rate"

Comment on major themes in the novel Things Fall Apart.

Discuss Ibo culture and social beliefs.

Significance of Peace Week in the novel Things Fall Apart.

Egwugwu and its unmasking

Why was Okonkwo popularly known as 'Roaring fire'? 

Comment on Okonkwo's suicide and the situations that lead to it.

Discuss the special bond between Ekwefi and Ezinma

What is an Ogbanje? Why was Ezinma considered one?

Depiction of patriarchy and masculinity in the text

Can Okonkwo be considered a hero? Justify your answer

Contextualize the arrival of Ikemefuna to Umuofia

the importance of titles in Ibo community

Comment on the climax of the novel

Characteristics of: a) Unoka b) Okonkwo

Narrative techniques used in the novel

Cultural events/festivals in the text

Increasing influence of the Missionaries and its effects.

Relevance of stories in the text.

Relevance of Things Fall Apart to the contemporary world

Significance of final chapter and the narrative technique employed in it.