Most expected Questions for NET

 Most expected Questions for NET from English Literature

Mock test for UGC NET

Who adopted the pseudonym Richard Saunders for the almanac Poor Richard’s Almanac?

A) Hugh Meredith

B) Benjamin Franklin

C) Sir William Keith

D) Walter Isaacson

Which of the following books published Wallace Stevens’s poem ‘Disillusionment of 10 O’Clock’?

A) Parts of a World

B) The Auroras of Autumn

C) Ideas of Order

D) Harmonium

Who wrote the novel Wieland, or the Transformation, An American Tale?

A) B C Brown

B) Clara Wieland

C) Henry Pleyel

D) Theodore Wieland

Identify the writer who was known to have promoted Republican motherhood?

A) Merry Otis

B) Catharine Maria Sedgwick

C) Mary Talcott

D) John Wise

Which periodical was written by Washington Irving?

A) The Comparatist

B) Conjunctions

C) Washington Review

D) Salmagundi

Brut is

A) a novel written by J R R Tolkien.

B) a middle English poem compiled by Layaman.

C) an Old English prose piece written by John Trevisa.

D) a short story written by James I.

A poet once referred an old man as 'a tattered coat upon a stick'. Among the followings which work contains this line?

A. Prelude by William Wordsworth

B. Sailing to Byzantium by W. B. Yeats

C. The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot

D. Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson

'Pen and Pencil Sketches of English Society' is the sub-title of _____.

A. Pickwick Paper by Charles Dickens

B. Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray

C. Aurora Leigh by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

D. Literature and Dogma by Matthew Arnold

Makar is a term for

A) a poet or bard or royal court poet from Scottish literature.

B) a royal court poet of Finland.

C) a speaker in Old and Middle English periods.

D) a writer in Australian literature.

The Prince of Abissinia: A Tale is also known as ____.

A) Abissinian Prince, the Rasselas

B) The Vanity of Human Wishes

C) The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia

D) A Tale of Rasselas: the Abissinian

George Crabbe the English poet and surgeon

A) wrote a narrative poem known as The Village.

B) composed an epic poem known as Madoc.

C) wrote a fairy tale known as The Three Bears.

D) wrote the novel known as Alton Locke.

Who is the playwright of 'The Last Wedding Anniversary'?

A) Shiv K Kumar

B) R K Narayan

C) Mulk Raj Anand

D) Tapan Kumar

Selection Day , a 2016 sports fiction novel is written by

A) Roshani Choksi

B) Akhil Sharma

C) Aravind Adiga

D) Rakesh Satyal

Ans. C

Identify in the following the prose work by Jayanta Mahapatra.

A) Door of Paper: Essay and Memoirs

B) The Cherry Orchard

C) Power Politics

D) Gone Away: An Indian Journey, memoir

Who is the author of Poetics of Dislocation?

A) Jeet Thayil

B) Anne Frank

C) Meena Alexander

D) Tapan Kumar

 My Mother Is At Sixty-six is the work of

A) U A Khader

B) T M Abraham

C) Kovilan

D) Kamala Surayya

Ans. D

The Green Dwarf was written by Charlotte Brontë under the pseudonym of

A) Currer Bell 

B) Ellis 

C) Acton Bell 

D) Lord Charles Albert Florian Wellesley

The Novel, ‘Things as They Are’ is also known with the title

A) The Adventures of Caleb Williams 

B) The Jungle

C) The Grapes of Wrath 

D) Nature and Art

Ans. A

Journey without Maps is a travel account by

A) Graham Greene 

B) Edmond Hamilton 

C) Richard Guest 

D) Richard Ford

Ans. A

Identify the writer below who had written a story a week for over a year for New York World Sunday Magazine.

A) Earnest Miller Hemingway 

B) William Sydney Porter

C) James Joyce 

D) Herman Melville

Ans. B

Identify the name of the Professor of English literature who wrote: The Native Chiefs and Their States in 1877: A Manual of Reference.

A) A J Nesbitt 

B) George Robert Aberigh-Mackay

C) L Tipping 

D) Dr. L Chase

Ans. B

Who is the author of Panic Spring?

A) Ruskin Bond 

B) Gerald Durrell 

C) Lawrence Durrell 

D) Glen Duncan

Ans. C

'Ralph Roister Doister' by Nicholas Udall is considered to be the______.

 A) first English Tragedy 

B) first English novel

C) first English comedy 

D) first English epic

What is the label used for the romantic fiction written in the 17th century and 18th century, primarily by women and whose notable authors were Eliza Haywood and Delarivier Manley?

A) Romantic fiction 

B) Elizabethan fiction 

C) Manley fiction 

D) Amatory fiction

Which novel given in the options does not belong to Victor Hugo?

A) The Man Who Laughs 

B) Bug-Jargal

C) The Last Day of a Condemned Man

D) 61 Hours

Who wrote 'The Mysteries of Udolpho'?

A) Ann Radcliff 

B) Immanuel Radcliff 

C) Geoffrey Radcliff 

D) Victor Radcliff 

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 The Unfortunate Traveller has been authored by

(A) Robert Greene

(B) Thomas Deloney

(C) Thomas Nashe

(D) Thomas Lodge

Ans. C

Who, among the following, is not a practitioner of Jacobean tragedy?

(A) George Villiers

(B) John Marston

(C) John Webster

(D) Thomas Middleton

Ans. A

The author of Nation and Narration is___.

(A) Edward Said

(B) Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

(C) Frantz Fanon

(D) Homi Bhabha

Ans. D

Which of the following novels has a great impact on the formal experimentation in contemporary fiction?

(A) Thomas Nashe’s The Unfortunate Traveller

(B) Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones

(C) Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy

(D) Samuel Richardson’s Pamela

 Ans. C

The phrase ‘Only Connect’ is associated with ___. 

(A) D. H. Lawrence

(B) James Joyce

(C) E. M. Forster

(D) Virginia Woolf

Ans. C


Which of the following books is by Margaret Atwood?

(A) The Stone Angel

(B) No Fixed Address

(C) The Edible Woman

(D) Half breed

 Ans. C

The expression “murderous innocence” is an example of ___. 

(A) Oxymoron

(B) Zeugma

(C) Chiasmus

(D) Pun

 Ans. A

 The Enlightenment believed in the universal authority of __.

(A) Religion

(B) Tradition

(C) Reason 

(D) Sentiments

Ans. C 

Which of the following works of John Milton is an elegy?

(A) Lycidas

(B) L’Allegro

(C) Camus

(D) Paradise Lost

Ans. A

The poem ‘The Patriot’ is written by -  

(a) Alfred Tennyson  

(c) Mathew Arnold   

(b) Robert Browning  

(d) John Donne  

2. Who wrote ‘The Tempest’?  

(a) William Wordsworth   

(c) William Shakespeare   

(b) Ben Jonson 

 (d) Tennyson 

3. Which book is a Tragedy?  

(a) Hamlet    

(b) Measure for Measure  

(c) As you like it 

(d) She stoops to conquer  

4. The ‘Merchant of Venice’ Written by Shakespeare is - 

(a) A novel 

(b) a short story  

(c) a poem 

(d) a drama  

5. ‘Faerie Queen’ is a - 

(a) play 

(b) short story  

(c) an epic 

(d) novel  

6. Who among the following is a revolutionary poet?  

(a) John Keats 

(b) P.B. Shelly  

(c) S.T. Coleridge 

(d) William Wordsworth  

7. Great Expectations is a novel written by- 

(a) Charles Dickens 

(b) Thomas Hardy  

(c) Jane Austen 

(d) Henry Fielding  

8. Paradise Lost is -  

(a) an epic 

(b) a satirical work  

(c) a tragedy 

(d) a ballad  

9. Who wrote ‘Madame Bovary’?  

(a) Leo Tolstoy 

(b) James Joyce  

(c) E.M. Forster 

(d) Gustave Flaubert  

10. The poem ‘Isle of Innisfree’ is written by  

(a) Dylan Thomas 

(b) W.H Auden  

(c) Ezra Pound 

(d) W.B. Yeats  

 11. Othello is a Shakespeare’s play about - 

(a) A Jew 

(b) A Turk 

(c) A Roman

(d) A Moor 

12. The play Arms and the Man is by - 

(a) James Joyce 

(b) Arthur Miller 

(c) Samuel Beckett 

(d) George Bernard Shaw 

13. ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is written by - 

(a) Rudyard Kipling 

(b) Ronald Reuel Tolkien 

(c) Hobbit 

(d) None 

14. ‘Tradition and the Individual Talent’ is an essay by - 

(a) Thomas Hardy 

(b) T.S. Eliot 

(c) Virginia Woolf 

(d) Thomas Carlyle 

15. Who of the following is a playwright? 

(a) Dickens 

(b) Frost 

(c) W.B. Yeats 

(d) G.B. Shaw

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