Solved Paper [UGB, PART- 2, Paper-Ill, 2018]

1. Who introduced the stage licensing Act?
(A) Robert Walpole
(B) William Congreve
(C) Henry Fielding ✓
(D) Laurence Sterne

2. In Neo-classical literature one can see an urge to return to -

(A) disorder and hurly-burly
(B) order and balance
(C) medievalism ✓
(D) violence and sensationalism

3. Which one among the following cannot be accepted as a label for describing the Restoration and the eighteenth century?
(A) Age of Prose and Reason
(B) Augustan Age
(C) Neo-classical period
(D) Renaissance of wonder ✓

4. The eighteenth century witnessed a steady change from —
(A) an agrarian economy to an industrialised one ✓
(B) an industrialised economy to an agrarian one
(C) a mercantile economy to a barter system
(D) a capitalist system to agrarian economy

5. Sir Henry Fielding changed his vocation from —
(A) a playwright to a novelist ✓
(B) a novelist to a playwright
(C) a poet to a novelist
(D) an essayist to a novelist

6. The key concept of the Enlightenment is —
(A) Disorder
(B) Imagination
(C) Fancy
(D) Reason ✓

7. Charles II died in —
(A) 1641
(B) 1660
(C) 1685 ✓
(D) 1688

8. The Bloodless Revolution took place in —
(A) 1660
(B) 1649
(C) 1688 ✓
(D) 1658

9. The name of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu is associated with —
(A) Gothic novel
(B) Domestic novel
(C) Theatre
(D) Travel writing ✓

10. The Rover was written by —
(A) Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
(B) Eliza Fay
(C) Aphra Behn ✓
(D) Samuel Richardson

11. Who among the following belongs to the Age of Sensibility?
(A) John Dryden
(B) Dr. Johnson ✓
(C) John Bunyan
(D) Daniel Defoe

12. The rule by the House of Hanover began with the accession of-
(A) James II
(B) Wiliam of orange
(C) George I ✓
(D) Oliver Cromwell

13. Who wrote Captain Singleton?
(A) Daniel Defoe ✓
(B) Samuel Richardson
(C) Aphra Behn
(D) Eliza Heywood

14. A short view on the immorality and profaneness of the English stage
written by —
(A) Stephen Gosson
(B) Thomas Love Peacock
(C) Walter Bessant
(D) Jeremy Colliere ✓

15. The eighteenth century non-fictional writings used —
(A) highly ornate rhetoric
(B) obscure metaphors
(C) plain and utilitarian prose style
(D) grandiloquent prose style ✓

16. The sub-title of Richardson’s Pamela is —
(A) Virtue Rewarded ✓
(B) Shamela
(C) Mr. B
(D) Virtue Punished

17. Who among the following is a Transitional poet?
(A) John Dryden
(B) Alexander Pope ✓
(C) Daniel Defoe
(D) William Collins

18. Richard Steele is —
(A) an essayist ✓
(B) a novelist
(C) a poet
(D) a diary writer

19. A sentimental Journey was written by
(A) Laurence Sterne ✓
(B) Dr. Johnson
(C) Samuel Richardson
(D) Henry Fielding

20. David Garrick was associated with —
(A) Theatre ✓
(B) Gothic novel
(C) Epistolaiy novel
(D) Translation of classical literature