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Most expected MCQs for up coming Net EXAMS 2021

1. Which British University figures in William Wordsworth's Prelude ? 

(1) Durham 

(2) Glasgow 

(3) Cambridge 

(4) Oxford 

2. Who is the creator of A Woman Killed with Kindness ? 

(1) John Marston 

(2) Thomas Middleton 

(3) John Fletcher 

(4) Thomas Heywood 

3. In William Congreve's The Way of the World recognize the speaker of the line :

 "One's savagery is one's capacity, and when one sections with one's brutality, one sections with one's capacity." 

(1) Mirabell 

(2) Witwoud 

(3) Millamant 

(4) Mincing 

4. T.S. Eliot discovered otherworldly help in 

(1) Christianity 

(2) Hinduism 

(3) Buddhism 

(4) Judaism 

5. Who among coming up next was conceived in India ? 

(1) Paul Scott 

(2) Lawrence Durrell 

(3) E.M. Forster 

(4) V.S. Naipaul 

6. What representation does Edmund Spenser utilize (Faerie Queene Book 1 Canto 12) to outline his story and to portray the connection between the story and its perusers? 

(1) That of a troop of lost spirits, crossing a desert. 

(2) That of a stagecoach, which gets different travelers en route. 

(3) That of a boat loaded up with buoyant sailors. 

(4) That of a riderless pony, following his own bearing. 

7. Who among coming up next isn't related with Russian formalism? 

(1) Roman Jakobson 

(2) Georges Poulet 

(3) Boris Eichenbaum 

(4) Victor Shklovsky 

8. Which character in Dickens continues trusting that "something will turn up"? 

(1) Barkis 

(2) Micawber 

(3) Uriah Heep 

(4) Miss Havisham 

9. What is the name of the vessel that salvages Ishmael in Herman Melville's Moby Dick? 

(1) Pequod 

(2) Rachel 

(3) Hagar 

(4) Sphinx 

10. Northanger Abbey is a spoof of the … .. sentiment. 

(1) Oriental 

(2) French 

(3) Gothic 

(4) Popular 

11. Who among the accompanying writers were incredibly affected by Thomas Carlyle's compositions? 

I. Charles Dickens 

II. Elizabeth Gaskell 

III. Emily Bronte 

IV. Oscar Wilde 

The correct blend as indicated by the code is 

(1) I and II 

(2) II and III 

(3) I and IV 

(4) I and III 

12. Which of coming up next is another term to depict "craftsmanship for the good of art"? 

(1) Aestheticism 

(2) Didacticism 

(3) Realism 

(4) Neo-authenticity 

13. The explanation that there are "none so guileless as unbelievers" is an outline of 

(1) Oxymoron 

(2) Antithesis 

(3) Paradox 

(4) Metonomy 

14. Who describes Heart of Darkness? 

(1) Marlow 

(2) Director of Companies 

(3) Kurtz 

(4) An anonymous storyteller 

15. The Mistakes of a Night is the caption of 

(1) The Conscious Lovers 

(2) The Good Natur'd Man 

(3) She Stoops to Conquer 

(4) The Rivals 

16. Distinguish the primary novel composed by Patrick White : 

(1) The Living and the Dead 

(2) The Tree of Man 

(3) Happy Valley 

(4) The Aunt's Story 

17. In King Lear for what reason does Kent accept a mask? 

(1) To keep on serving Lear, however Lear has exiled him. 

(2) To keep an eye on Edmund. 

(3) To irritate Goneril and Regan. 

(4) To vindicate upon Lear for banishing him. 

18. What is a female rhyme? 

(1) A rhyme on two syllables where the last syllable is unstressed. 

(2) A rhyme on two syllables. 

(3) A rhyme on three syllables. 

(4) A sonnet wherein each third syllable rhymes. 

19. Distinguish two of the accompanying composed by Christopher Fry : 

I. French Without Tears 

II. The Lady's Not for Burning 

III. Venus Observed 

IV. The Deep Blue Sea 

The correct blend as per the code is 

(1) II and III 

(2) I and III 

(3) II and IV 

(4) I and IV 

21. In "Custom and Individual Talent", as indicated by T.S. Eliot, the expression "Customary" 

generally implies 

(1) something positive 

(2) something negative 

(3) something verifiable 

(4) something old 

22. Who of coming up next is a Cavalier writer? 

(1) George Herbert 

(2) John Donne 

(3) Robert Herrick 

(4) Andrew Marvell 

23. Which of coming up next isn't Jacques Derrida's work? 

(1) Of Spirit : Heidegger and the Question 

(2) The Transcendence of the Ego 

(3) Of Grammatology 

(4) The Work of Mourning 

24. In Paradise Lost which character portrays the account of the creation of Eve from a rib in 

Adam's side? 

(1) Adam 

(2) Eve 

(3) Raphael 

(4) God 

25. A.S. Byatt's Possession endeavors the impersonation of crafted by two Victorian writers, freely 

in view of 

I. Alfred Tennyson 

II. Robert Browning 

III. Christina Rossetti 

IV. William Morris 

The correct blend as indicated by the code is 

(1) I and II 

(2) II and IV 

(3) II and III 

(4) III and IV 

26. The Dark Lady of the Sonnets is a short parody by 

(1) Bernard Shaw 

(2) W.B. Yeats 

(3) J.M. Synge 

(4) John Osborne 

27. John Milton's portrayal of gold as a "valuable bane" (Paradise Lost, Book II) is ideal 

portrayed as 

(1) a dactyl 

(2) an interesting expression 

(3) enjambment 

(4) zeugma 

28. There is a play on the name of Machiavelli in the introduction to Christopher Marlowe's 

(1) Doctor Faustus 

(2) The Jew of Malta 

(3) Tamburlaine, the Great 

(4) Edward II 

30. Who among coming up next was adulated and belittled as a "Cultivator Poet"? 

(1) John Clare 

(2) George Crabbe 

(3) Robert Burns 

(4) Walter Scott 

31. Which tale of Doris Lessing closes with a projection forward in time after an overwhelming unclear war? 

(1) The Grass is Singing 

(2) The Golden Notebook 

(3) The Four-Gated City 

(4) A Proper Marriage 

35. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage is a 

(1) strict purposeful anecdote 

(2) fantasy 

(3) long sonnet 

(4) Utopian tale 

36. In Thomas More's Utopia which of the accompanying recreation distractions is certifiably not a top pick 

among Utopians? 

(1) Music 

(2) Public talks 

(3) Conversation 

(4) Dicing and cards 

40. Match the work with creator : 

I. "The Excursion" 

II. "Christabel" 

III. Milton 

IV. Sovereign Mab 

A. S.T. Coleridge 

B. P.B. Shelley 

C. William Wordsworth 

D. William Blake 


(1) C A B D 

(2) C A D B 

(3) B C A D 

(4) B A C D 

45. Who among the accompanying interpreted Homer? 

(1) Thomas Gray 

(2) Samuel Johnson 

(3) Oliver Goldsmith 

(4) Alexander Pope