MCQ On Neoclassical Period

MCQs On Neoclassical Period | History of English literature

1.The first phase of industrial revolution was from about -

a. 1750-1850           
b. 1660-1700
c. 1700-1785
d. 1785-1838

Ans. 1750-1850

2.The peterloo massacre took place -

a. 1719, Aug 16         
b. 1819, Aug 16
c. 1819, Aug 18         
d. 1719, Aug 18

Ans. 1819, Aug 16

3. The author of  "The marriage of Heaven and Hell" and 'The Book of Thell'  is ____.

a. Wordsworth               
b. Robert Burns
c. Blake                     
d. Thomas Gray

Ans. William Blake

4.How many poems were included in the first publication of "Lyrical Ballads"-

a. 32                                     
b. 19
c. 18                                     
d. 23

Ans. 23

5. "The Lyrical Ballads" opens with -

a. Kubla Khan                             
b. The prelude
c. The Rime of ancient mariner
d. Tintern abbey

Ans. The Rime of ancient mariner

6. Who wrote the poem "Thalaba"-

a. Wordsworth               
b. S. T. Coleridge
c. P. B. Shelley               
d. Shouthey

Ans. Southey

7. Which poem begins with the famous line "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever"-

a. Tintern abbey           
b. Endymion
c. Adonais                   
d. Kabla khan

Ans. Endymion

8.Who wrote "Luci" poems -

a. Wordsworth             
b. Southey
c. Scott.                             
d. Donne

Ans. Wordsworth

9.Who brought the concept of Negative Capability-

a. Wordsworth
b. Coleridge
c. Keats
d. Shelley

Ans. Keats

10.Shelley was expelled from the Oxford University due to the publication of -

a. The revolt of Islam
b. Necessity of Atheism
c. The triumph of life
d. The mosque of Anarchy

Ans. Necessity of Antheism

11. Edward Gibbon was the first historian of England who wrote in a literary manner. His greatest historical work is _______.

A. Lives of Poet
B. The Decline of the Roman Empire
C. The Village
D. The Rambler

Ans. The Decline of the Roman Empire

12. The Royal Society established in England in _____.

A. 1660
B. 1662
C. 1558
D. 1559

Ans. 1662

13. The dramatic literature of Eighteenth century was not of a high order. One of the reasons of the decline of drama during this period was ____

A. The death of Queen Anne in 1714
B. American Revolution in 1775-1783
C. Act of Licensing in 1737
D. Beginning of Seven Years War in 1756.

Ans. Act of Licensing in 1737

14. ______ becomes the first Hanoverian king in 1714.

A. William III
B. James II
C. George I
D. George II

Ans. George I

15. George III succeeded the throne in ___.

A. 1727
B. 1714
C. 1702
D. 1760

Ans. 1760

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