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TOP 100 MCQS : Literary Theory and Criticism  | English literature

What is the meaning of the term 'Hamartia' as used by Aristotle in the Theory of Tragedy?

(a) Tragic end of the Tragedy.

(6) Working of the fate against the hero.

(c) A weak trait in the character of the hero.

(d) A strong quality in the character of the hero.

The term Anagnorisis as used by Aristotle mean....

(a) The hero's recognition of his tragic flow.

(b) The hero's ignorance about his tragic flow.

(e) The hero's recognition of his advisory.

(d) The hero's recognition of his tragic end.

Who rejects the pathological theory of Catharsis that theatre is not a hospital?

(a) Humphrey house 

(b) FL Lucas

(@) Abercrombic

(d) IA Richards

Aristotle declared that plot is the ........

(a) most essential

(b) most useful

(e) soul of the tragedy 

(d) not necessary

Who defines criticism as the play of mind on the aesthetic qualities of literature?

(a) Saintsbury

(b) Victor Hugo

(c) Atkins

(d) Edmund Gosse

What is the first and foremost function of a literary critic?

(a) to get full value out of literary quality

(b) to distinguish between a good book and bad book

(c) to satisfy the readers

(d) to condemn the authors and poets

What type of men do tragedy and epic represent?

(a) Lowest

(6) Villains

(c) Saints

(d) Normally good men

Which work of Aristotle is the most famous in the history of criticism?

(a) On the sublime

(b) The Republic

(c) The poetics

(d) Apology for poetry

Who was the teacher and most important literary critic before Aristotle?

(a) Plato

(b) Horace

(c) Boileau

(d) None of these

Sydney's 'Apology For Poetry' is an example of

(a) Theoretical Criticism 

(b) Comparative Criticism

(c) Historical Criticism 

(d) Evaluative Criticism

Who considers poetry to be the mother of lies?

(a) Plato

(b) Aristotle

(e) Longinus

(d) Sidney

How many chapters are there in 'poetics"?

(a) Twenty

(b) Twenty six

(c) Thirty four

(d) Thirty

Who commented that "Even today the Poetics continues to be studied and prescribed as text books in schools and colleges"?

(a) FL Lucas

(b) Dr. Johnson

(c) Atkins

(d) Dryden

What term has Aristotle used for the weakness, error or fault in character of the tragic hero?

(a) Hamartia

(b) Pripetia

(c) Catharsis

(d) None of these

How many formative elements does Aristotle consider for the great tragedy?

(a) Four

(b) Six 

(c) Five

(d) Two

Who considers Longinus as, "the first comparative critic of literature"?

(a) Abercrombic

(b) Scott James

(c) Wimsatt

(d) Atkins

In whose opinion Longinus "classicism was touched with romance"?

(a) Abercrombic

(b) Scott James

(C) Wimsatt

(d) Atkins

Longinus declares that sublime "please all and......".

(a) pleases always 

(b) pleases everywhere

(c) pleases forever 

(d) pleases sometimes

Longinus says that "Great literature springs from great and....".

(a) lofty souls

(b) immortal ideas

(e) high imagination 

(d) nobility of diction

Regarding noble diction, Longinus thinks that "Beautiful words are in truth..... of thought".

(a) the soul

(b) the very light

(c) the essence

(d) None of them

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According to Longinus, the chief function of literature is

(a) Aesthetic

(b) Entertainment

(c) Compassion

(d) Didactic

Who has longinus advised to imitate in poetry?

(a) Rules and regulations

(b) Great classical masters

(c) Contemporary literature

(d) Nature and art

Nature and Functions of Literary Criticise

On the Sublime' is written in

(a) Dramatica 

(b) Conversational

(c) Poetic

(d) Prose

What does Longinus mean by 'puerility'?

(a) Word arrangement

(b) Rhythm

(c) Hyperbole

(d) Pedantic conceit

Who is the friend of Longinus referred to in the beginning of 'on the sublime"?

(a) Caecilus

(b) Terentianus

(c) Postumus

(d) None of these

The two types of sublime are....

(a) excellence and grandeur 

(b) harmony and rhythm

(c) epic and tragedy 

(d) true and false

In which language has 'on the sublime' been originally composed?

(a) Roman

(b) Greek 

(c) Latin 

(d) French

Longinus borrowed the concept of using metaphor from...

(a) Aristotle

(b) Plato

(c) Homer

(d) Demosthenes

Great utterance is the echo of greatness of....

(a) mind

(b) heart 

(c) soul

(d) language

In whose opinion has Longinus "turned and tempered them with what is Sanest in Classism"?

(a) Atkins

(b) Gibbons

(c) Scott James

(d) Saintsbury

Complete Longinus declaration that, 'sublimity is a certain loftiness and excellence in .....

(a) Poetry

(6) Language

(c) Style

(d) None of these

In which work of Sidney, his theory of poetry has been expressed?

(a) An Apologie for Poetrie 

(b) Poetic

(c) Essay on Dramatic poesy 

(d) Critical Essays

In which year was "An Apologie for poetrie" written?

(a) 1580 

(b) 1583

(c) 1585

(d) 1590

How was An Apologie for poetrie" printed?

(a) Posthumously

(b) Before his death

(c) In 1585

(d) None of these

35 What is the other title of 'An Apologie for poetrie' given to it by another publisher?

(a) Poetics

(b) Essay of Criticism

(c) The Defence of poesie 

(d) None of these

How many version of An Apology for poetrie were published?

(a) Two 

(b) Three

(c) Four

(d) Six

Who called the poet a Vates?

(a) Greeks

(6) Romans

(c) Italians

(d) Squamards

What is the meaning of Vates in Greek culture?

(a) Maker

(6) Prophet

(e) Imagination

(d) Singer

What type of poetry does Sidney call "the best and most accomplished kind of poetry"?

(a) Lyric

(b) Epic

(c) Ode

(d) Sonnet

Who had objected to the greatness of poetry in the days of Sidney?

(a) Plato

(b) Gosson

(c) Sterner

(d) Malville

Which book had been written by Stephen Gosson?

(a) School of Abuse

(b) Evils of Poesy

(c) Corruptor

(d) None of these

In whose opinion "Sidney wrote not a pedants" encyclopaedia but a gentleman's essay"?

(a) Wimsatt and Brooks 

(6) Atkins

(c) Dryden

(d) Scott James

Who says that "Nowhere else do we find the same happy mingling of the ideal and the practical", as an Apologie for Poetrie?

(a) Dr. Johnson

(b) Atkins

(C) Scott James

(d) Prof. Saintsbury

What was the most powerful influence on Sidney?

(a) Greek

(6) Latin

(c) French

(d) Aristotle

Who had banished poetry from ideal


(a) Plato

(b) Horace

(c) Gosson

(d) Wilson

Who composed Arcadia?

(a) Spenser

(b) Sidney

(c) Gosson

(d) Wilson

What was the chief source of Sidney's theory of tragedy?

(a) Plato

(b) Horace

(c) Aristotle

(d) Longinus

Who declared that "the sources of Sidney's defence were classical but the spirit was not very sternly classical"?

(a) Dr. Johnson

(b) Atkins

(c) Prof. Saintsbury 

(d) Wimsatt

Complete Sidney's declaration that one may be a poet without.....

(a) singing

(c) music

(e) versing

(d) knowledge

Who said, "The necessity is yet greater than mine"?

(a) Sidney

(b) Spanish soldier

c) Queen

(d) Commander

How did Sidney die?

(a) Killed

(h) Wound of war

(@ Suicide

(d) Poisoned

What kind of poem is 'Arcadia"?

(a) Lyric

(b) Ballad

(c) A prove romance 

(d) Elegy

What is the aim of poetry according to Sidney?

(a) Delight

(b) Delightful instruction

(c) Instruction

(d None of these

Sidney has rejected English drama because of....

(a) Pure laughter

(b) Extreme seriousness

(c) Worthlessnes. 

(d) Tragi-comedy

The greatest weakness of English drama is its violation of....

(a) three unities

(b) unnatural incidents

(c) mal characters

(d historical truth

Who praised Dryden as the father of English criticism?

(a) Atkins

(b) Scott James

(c) Dr. Johnson

(d) TS Eliot

Which is the most popular critical work of Dryden?

(a) The essay on satire 

(b) Essay on dramatic poesy

(c) Essay on fables 

(d) Essay on heroic tragedy

Who calls Essay on Fables "the masterpiece in judgement, method and style"?

(a) Atkins

(6) Scott James

(C) Dr. Johnson

(d) TS Eliot

What is the form adopted in Essay of dramatic Poesy?

(a) Two

(b) Four

(c) Three

(d) Six

Which character produces the views of Dryden?

(a) Neander

(b) Crites

(c) Lisideius

(d) Eugenius

Which of the characters favours the greatness of the ancients?

(a) Neander

(b) Crites

(C) Lisideius

(d) Eugenius

In which work has Dryden made the masterly appreciation of Chaucer?

(a) The Spanish Friar 

(b) Preface to the Fables

(c) The essay on satire 

(d) Essay on dramatic poesy

Which is the perfect modern English play according to Dryden?

(a) Silent woman

(b) Duchess of malli

(c) Macbeth

(d) Volpone

In whose opinion, Dryden is the first Englishman to attempt any extended descriptive criticism"?

(a) Saintsbury

(b) Dr. Johnson

(e) Watson

(d) Pope

Who thinks that, "his reputation as a critic rests on sure and lasting foundation".

(a) TS Eliot 

(b) FR Leavis 

(c) Atkins

(d) Richards

According to Lisidelus, the French use rhyme in place of.....

(a) Poetry

(b) Prose

(e) Black verse

(d) Dialogue

Which English poet has been most praised by Dryden?

(A) Wycliff

(b) Milton

(e) Chaucer

(d) Spenser

What form of drama has been most objected by Lisideius?

(a) Comic

(b) Tragie

(e) Tragi-comedy

(d) Parce

What great achievement has been in the essay of Dramatic Poetry?

(a) Freedom from classical rules

(b) Preference to imaginations

(c) Observing romanticism

(d) Teaching the people

The scene of An Essay of Dramatic Poesy has been laid on.....

(a) Hudson

(b) Thames

(c) Nile

(d) Dover

The age of Dryden is known as _

(a) Romantic

(b) Jacobean

(c) Neo-classical

(d) Elizabethan

Which form of drama has been most objected by Critics?

(a) Rhyming

(b) Black verse

(c) Heroic couplet

(d) Prose

What is the function of drama according to Dryden?

(a) Delight and instruction

(b) Purgation

(e) Religious teaching

(d) Transport

Drama is 'a just and lively image of ......

(a) life

(b) human nature

(c) nature scene

(d) action of man

The French drama has been preferred by.....

(a) Neander

(b) Crities

(c) Lisideius

(d) Eugenius

How long was the total literary period of Dryden?

(a) Thirty years

(b) Thirty five years

(e) Forty

(d) Forty two years

The central theme of the Essay of Dramatic Poesy is......

(a) Justification of English Drama

(b) Rejection of the French Drama

(c) Reject Aristotle

(d) Praise Chaucer


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