Nobel Prize in Literature winners:

 Nobel Prize winners in Literature : 

Name of the Nobel Prize Winners in English Literature | Nobel awarded writers in English literature

Rudyard Kipling (1907): UK (born in British India) 

Rabindranath Tagore (1913): India 

W. B. Yeats (1923): Ireland 

George Bernard Shaw (1925): Ireland 

Sinclair Lewis (1930): US 

John Galsworthy (1932): UK 

Eugene O'Neill (1936): US 

8) Pearl S. Buck (1938): US 

T. S. Eliot (1948): UK (born in the US) 

William Faulkner (1949): US 

Bertrand Russell (1950): UK 

Winston Churchill (1953): UK 

Ernest Hemingway (1954): US 

John Steinbeck (1962): US 

Samuel Beckett (1969): Ireland 

Patrick White (1973): Australia 

Saul Bellow (1976): US 

Isaac Bashevis Singer (1978): US (born in Poland) 

William Golding (1983): UK 

Wole Soyinka (1986): Nigeria 

Joseph Brodsky (1987): US (born in Russia) 

Nadine Gordimer (1991): South Africa 

Derek Walcott (1992): St Lucia, West Indies

 Toni Morrison (1993): US

 Seamus Heaney (1995): Ireland 

V. S. Naipaul (2001): UK (born in Trinidad) 

J. M. Coetzee (2003): South Africa 

Harold Pinter (2005): UK 

Doris Lessing (2007): UK  

Alice Munro (2013): Canada 

Who is the modern philosopher who was awarded Nobel Prize for literature? 

 (a) James Baker 

 (b) Dr. Kissinger 

 (c) Bertrand Russell 

(d) Lenin 

Ans. c 

Bertrand Russell was a British--- 

 (a) Journalist 

(b) Scientist 

 (c) Philosopher 

(d) Astronaut 

Ans. c 

In which year Winston Churchill got the Novel prize in literature? 

 (a) 1943 

(b) 1945 

(c) 1948 

(d) 1953 

Ans. d 

Who was a statesman but awarded Nobel Prize in English Literature? 

 (a) Stalin 

 (b) Nixon 

 (c) Churchill 

 (d) Roosevelt 

Ans. c 

American female novelist Pearl S. Buck got Nobel Prize in 1938 for the book___.

 (a) The Good Earth 

(b) House Divided 

 (c) The Patriot 

(d) De Cameron 

Ans. a 

Nobel Prize winner American woman novelist is- 

 (a) Bronte 

 (b) Austen 

 (c) Woolf 

 (d) Pearl S. Buck 

Ans. d 

A Russian author who refused Nobel Prize 

 (a) Maxim Gorky 

(b) Ruskin 

 (c) Alexander Solzhenitsyn 

(d) Boris Pasternak 

Ans. d 

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