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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on English Literature from All Ages: Old English, Middle English, Restoration, Romantic, Victorian, Modern and Post Modern Periods

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Renaissance” is a:

A. French word
B. Italian word
C. Greek word
D. Spanish word
Ans. B

What is the meaning of “Renaissance”:

A. Rebirth, revival and re-awaking
B. Reveal, revel and reverie
C. Raillery, renunciation and recoup
D. Regain the kingdom
Ans. A

Renaissance first came to the:





Ans. B

Which of the following are University wits:

a)John Gower and Robert Peele

b)John Skelton and Thomas lodge

c)John Lyly and Robert Greene

d)John Donne and Thomas Nashe

Ans. C

Which century is known as Dawn of Renaissance:

a)14 th

b)15 th

c)16 th

d)14 th and 16 th

Ans. B

Who among the following was born in 1422?

a)William Caxton

b)Robert Henry

c)John Lyly

d)Thomas more

Utopia was first printed in:





Ans. B

Who translated Utopia in English language:

a)Thomas More

b)Thomas lodge

c)Ralph Robinson

d)William Tyndale

Ans. C

The first complete version of Bible in English language was made by:

a) Wycliffe

b)Thomas more

c)John Lyly

d)Robert Greene

Ans. A

Who gave the slogan "back to nature"?

A. Rousseau

B. Cowper

C. Keats

D. Wordsworth

Ans. D

What was the cause of William's death in 'Sons and Lovers'?

A. An accident

B. An overdose of morphia

C. Suicide

D. Pneumonia

Ans. D

Which of the following novels is a picaresque novel ?

A. Mrs. Dalloway

B. Pamela

C. To the Lighthouse

D. Joseph Andrews

Ans. D ( by Henry Fielding )

The Lyrical Ballads came out in the year __.

A. 1795

B. 1797

C. 1798

D. 1799

Ans. C

Who accompanies Wordsworth to Tintern Abbey ?

A. Dorothy

B. Coleridge

C. Fanny

D. Lucy

Ans. A

Who of the following was an opium addict ?

A. Southey

B. Coleridge

C. Keats

D. Wordsworth

Ans. C

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind" has been uttered by ___.

A. Keats

B. William Blake

C. Wordsworth

D. Shelley

Ans. D

Which novelist is known for using 'stream of consciousness' technique ?

A. Somerset Maugham

B. Richardson

C. Virginia Woolf

D. Joseph Andrews

Ans. C

Santiago is the hero in ___.

A. Farewell to Arms

B. The Old Man and the Sea

C. For Whom The Bell Tolls

D. None of the above

Ans. B

Epistolary novel is a novel ______.

A. which is written in the form of letters

B. which is based on a letter written by a great man

C. which is based on fanciful stories of ghosts

D. which is ancient fiction

Ans. A

Who is well known for his optimism ?

A. Tennyson

B. Shelley

C. Browning

D. Arnold

Ans. B

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'Essays of Dramatic Poesy' is a/an___.

A. Drama

B. Epic

C. Essay

D. Novel

Ans. A

Who wrote 'Essays of Dramatic Poesy' ?

A. Congreve

B. Pope

C. Dryden

D. Tennyson

Ans. C

'My Last Duchess' is a/an ___.

A. Epic

B. Ode

C. Dramatic monologue

D. Sonnet

Ans. C

Wessex is associated with ___.

A. Shakespeare

B. Keats

C. Eliot

D. Hardy

Ans. D

Angel Clare is a character in Hardy's ___.

A. Tess of the d'Urbervilles

B. Far from the Madding Crowd

C. Desperate Remedies

D. Under the Greenwood Tree

Ans. A

Mathew Arnold's views on poetry and Criticism are discussed in ___?

A. Scholar Gypsy

B. Culture and Anarchy

C. Preface to the Poem

D. None of the above

Ans. B

The novel 'Sons and Lovers' by D. H. Lawrence is a/an ____ .

A.  Gothic Novel

B. Autobiographical novel

C. Historical novel

D. Social Nobel

Ans. B

Poetry is " a criticism of life under the conditions fixed for such a Criticism by the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty" who said this ?

A. Arnold

B. Aristotle

C. Plato

D. Keats

Ans. B

Who wrote the biography "Life of Samuel Johnson" ?

A. Oliver Goldsmith

B. Lord Byron

C. James Boswell

D. Auden

Ans. C

When was the printing press started in England?

A. 1463

B. 1467


D. 1466

Ans. C

Who brought the printing press to England ?


B. Caxton

C. Barclay

D. Lydgate

Ans. B

Who called Chaucer 'The Father of English Poetry' ?

A. Dr. Johnson

B. Ben Jonson

C. Dryden

D. Coleridge

Ans. C

Which poem of Robert Browning was published on the day of his death ?

A. Pauline

B. The Ring and the Book

C. Dramatic Idyls

D. Asolando

Ans. D

Who wrote under the pseudonym of Mark Twain ?

A. Samuel Johnson

B. Samuel Coleridge

C. Samuel Langhorne Clemens

D. Wordsworth

Ans. C

The war of the Roses began in the year ___.

A. 1345

B. 1445

C. 1545

D. 1455

Ans. D

Who said "Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world" ?

A. Dryden

B. Shelley

C. Alexender Pope

 D. Wordsworth

Ans. B

Which modern English poet was influenced by Hindu Philosophy ?

A. Ezra pound

B. Stephen Gosson

C. W. H. Auden

D. T. S. Eliot

Ans. D

Who said " Classicism is health and Romanticism is disease" ?

A. Goethe

B. Arnold

C. Pope

D. Dr. Johnson

Ans. A

Which one was the first English Daily Newspaper ?

A. The News Chronicle

B. The Daylight Paper

C. The Daily Newspaper

D. The Daily Courant

Ans. D

Who called Wordsworth ' a moral eunuch' ?

A. Coleridge

B. Tennyson

C. Shelley

D. Byron

Ans. C

When did Wordsworth visit 'Tintern Abbey' first ?

A. 1795

B. 1793

C. 1792

D. 1796

Ans. B

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