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 English Literature Multiple Choice Questions / Answers: Mock Test with Answers

English Literature Practice Set MCQ Questions with Answer: Mock Test

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on English Literature from All Ages: Old English, Middle English, Restoration, Romantic, Victorian, Modern and Post Modern Periods

Top Most important 50 MCQs in English Literature

Who gave the slogan "back to nature"?

A. Rousseau

B. Cowper

C. Keats

D. Wordsworth

Ans. D

What was the cause of William's death in 'Sons and Lovers'?

A. An accident

B. An overdose of morphia

C. Suicide

D. Pneumonia

Ans. D

Which of the following novels is a picaresque novel ?

A. Mrs. Dalloway

B. Pamela

C. To the Lighthouse

D. Joseph Andrews

Ans. D ( by Henry Fielding )

The Lyrical Ballads came out in the year __.

A. 1795

B. 1797

C. 1798

D. 1799

Ans. C

Who accompanies Wordsworth to Tintern Abbey ?

A. Dorothy

B. Coleridge

C. Fanny

D. Lucy

Ans. A

Who of the following was an opium addict ?

A. Southey

B. Coleridge

C. Keats

D. Wordsworth

Ans. C

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind" has been uttered by ___.

A. Keats

B. William Blake

C. Wordsworth

D. Shelley

Ans. D

Which novelist is known for using 'stream of consciousness' technique ?

A. Somerset Maugham

B. Richardson

C. Virginia Woolf

D. Joseph Andrews

Ans. C

Santiago is the hero in ___.

A. Farewell to Arms

B. The Old Man and the Sea

C. For Whom The Bell Tolls

D. None of the above

Ans. B

Epistolary novel is a novel ______.

A. which is written in the form of letters

B. which is based on a letter written by a great man

C. which is based on fanciful stories of ghosts

D. which is ancient fiction

Ans. A

Who is well known for his optimism ?

A. Tennyson

B. Shelley

C. Browning

D. Arnold

Ans. B

Top 50 MCQs on Old English Period, Middle English Period, Renaissance, Elizabethan, Jacobean, Romantic, Victorian Modern and Post Modern Period in English Literature | MCQ with Answers >> English Literature

'Essays of Dramatic Poesy' is a/an___.

A. Drama

B. Epic

C. Essay

D. Novel

Ans. A

Who wrote 'Essays of Dramatic Poesy' ?

A. Congreve

B. Pope

C. Dryden

D. Tennyson

Ans. C

'My Last Duchess' is a/an ___.

A. Epic

B. Ode

C. Dramatic monologue

D. Sonnet

Ans. C

Wessex is associated with ___.

A. Shakespeare

B. Keats

C. Eliot

D. Hardy

Ans. D

Angel Clare is a character in Hardy's ___.

A. Tess of the d'Urbervilles

B. Far from the Madding Crowd

C. Desperate Remedies

D. Under the Greenwood Tree

Ans. A

Mathew Arnold's views on poetry and Criticism are discussed in ___?

A. Scholar Gypsy

B. Culture and Anarchy

C. Preface to the Poem

D. None of the above

Ans. B

The novel 'Sons and Lovers' by D. H. Lawrence is a/an ____ .

A.  Gothic Novel

B. Autobiographical novel

C. Historical novel

D. Social Nobel

Ans. B

Poetry is " a criticism of life under the conditions fixed for such a Criticism by the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty" who said this ?

A. Arnold

B. Aristotle

C. Plato

D. Keats

Ans. B

Who wrote the biography "Life of Samuel Johnson" ?

A. Oliver Goldsmith

B. Lord Byron

C. James Boswell

D. Auden

Ans. C

When was the printing press started in England?

A. 1463

B. 1467


D. 1466

Ans. C

Who brought the printing press to England ?


B. Caxton

C. Barclay

D. Lydgate

Ans. B

Who called Chaucer 'The Father of English Poetry' ?

A. Dr. Johnson

B. Ben Jonson

C. Dryden

D. Coleridge

Ans. C

Which poem of Robert Browning was published on the day of his death ?

A. Pauline

B. The Ring and the Book

C. Dramatic Idyls

D. Asolando

Ans. D

Who wrote under the pseudonym of Mark Twain ?

A. Samuel Johnson

B. Samuel Coleridge

C. Samuel Langhorne Clemens

D. Wordsworth

Ans. C

The war of the Roses began in the year ___.

A. 1345

B. 1445

C. 1545

D. 1455

Ans. D

Who said "Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world" ?

A. Dryden

B. Shelley

C. Alexender Pope

 D. Wordsworth

Ans. B

Which modern English poet was influenced by Hindu Philosophy ?

A. Ezra pound

B. Stephen Gosson

C. W. H. Auden

D. T. S. Eliot

Ans. D

Who said " Classicism is health and Romanticism is disease" ?

A. Goethe

B. Arnold

C. Pope

D. Dr. Johnson

Ans. A

Which one was the first English Daily Newspaper ?

A. The News Chronicle

B. The Daylight Paper

C. The Daily Newspaper

D. The Daily Courant

Ans. D

Who called Wordsworth ' a moral eunuch' ?

A. Coleridge

B. Tennyson

C. Shelley

D. Byron

Ans. C

When did Wordsworth visit 'Tintern Abbey' first ?

A. 1795

B. 1793

C. 1792

D. 1796

Ans. B

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