Top 50 MCQs on Middle English Period | English literature |

Top 50 MCQs on Middle English Period | English literature | MCQs on Middle English Period| History of English Literature

Short type Questions Answers on Middle English Period

Who was the 'father of poetry' in English Literature? 

Ans. Geoffrey Chaucer

When Chaucer died in?  

Ans. 1400

'If Chaucer is the father of English poetry, he is the grandfather of English fiction.' 

Who expressed this opinion? 

Ans. G. K. Chesterton.                                                            

Who introduced the heroic couplet into English verse and inverted the rhyme royal

Ans. Chaucer

In which tale of Chaucer, a daughter is killed by her father?

Ans. The Physician's Tale

In Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales' which tale deals with two young Theban warriors ?

Ans. The Night Tale

In which story of Canterbury Tales the character of Griselda appears ?

Ans. The Clerk's Tale

Chaucer's first attempt in English to use the heroic couplet occurs in - 

Ans. 'The Legend of Good Women

Chaucer has been hailed as- 

Ans. 'The morning star of Renaissance'

The Book of Duchess is a/an- 

Ans. allegory

Chaucerian seven line stanza is also known as- 

Ans. Rime Royal

'The Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman' is written by- 

Ans. William Langland

'Piers the Plowman' is a/an- 

Ans. allegory on human life

John Gower wrote his first poem 'Speculum Meditantis' in- 

Ans. French

John Gower wrote his second poem 'Vox Clamantis' in- 

Ans. Latin

John Gower's third poem 'Confessio Amantis' in -

  Ans. English

Wycliff's translation of the Bible appeared in - 

Ans. 1380

John Wycliff is called- 

Ans. 'The morning star of Reformation'    

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MCQs on Middle English Period short type questions Answers

The Peasants' revolt' began in- 

Ans. 1381

The War of Roses took place during the period - 

Ans. 1455-1485

Who are known as 'Lollards'? 

Ans. John Wycliff and his followers

The Peasants' Revolt' is also known as - 

Ans. Tyler's Rebellion

Caxton sets up printing press at Westminister in-

 Ans. 1476

The first book printed in England was- 

Ans. 'The Dictes and Sayengis of Philosophers'

The Mystery Plays dealt with- 

Ans. Biblical theme

Who is known as the most gifted writer of Interlude? 

Ans. John Heywood

Who restored Roman Catholicism in England? 

Ans. Queen Elizabeth I

The reign-period of Queen Elizabeth I is- 

Ans. 1558-1603

'Voyages and Discoveries' has been written by- 

Ans. Hakluyt

'Songs ans Sonnet' known as Tottle's Miscellany, appeared in- 

Ans. 1557

Who introduced sonnet first time in English Poetry? 

Ans. Wyatt and Surrey

'Astrophel and Stella' was written by-  

Ans. Sydney

'Arcadia' is a - Ans. Romance

Who wrote 'Epithalamion' ?

 Ans. Spenser

Epithalamion' commemorates the occasion of -  

Ans. Spenser's marriage with Elizabeth Boyle

Who is the central character in 'The Faeries Queen'? 

Ans. Prince Arthur

'Amoretti is a collection of ----- sonnets.

 Ans. 84 Sonnets

The twelve knight in 'The Faerie Queen' represents twelve-

Ans. Virtues

Thomas Moore's 'Utopia' was published in -

 Ans. 1516

'Utopia' is described as - Ans.

Ans.  'the prologue to the Renaissance'

Which is the first important treatise on education? 

Ans. 'The School Master'

The third edition of Bacon's Essays containing 58 essays appeared in - 

Ans. 1625

'The Unfortunate Traveller or The Life of Jack Wilton' is written by - 

Ans. Thomas Nashe, it is the first picaresque novel in English.

Who wrote the first revenge tragedy? 

Ans. Ben Johnson

Marlow's blank verse is also known as- 

Ans. Mighty Line

Who coined the phrase 'Marlowe's Mighty Line' ? 

Ans. Ben Johnson

The first Folio edition of Shakespeare's plays was printed in- 

Ans. 1623

The name of Shakespeare's birth place is - 

Ans. Sratford-upon-Avon

The sub-title of Shakespeare's ' The Twelfth Night'  is - 

Ans. What you Will

Shakespeare's 'All's Well That Ends Well' is called a - 

Ans. problem comedy

'The Advancement of Learning' was written by-

 Ans. Sir Francis Bacon

"If music be the food of love, play on"

The line is taken from- 

Ans. The Twelfth Night

'Dido, the Queen of Carthage' was written by- 

Ans. Christopher Marlowe   


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