MCQ Literary movements English Literature

 MCQ on Literary movements in English Literature 

MCQs on literary Movements in English Literature 


The realist movement began in mid _____ century

A. 17th

B. 19th

C. 18th

D. 16th

Ans. 18th century

The realist movement was opposed to _____.

A. Historicism

B. Idealism

C. Imagism

D. Romanticism

Ans. D

The Enlightenment movement was a/an _____.

A. Religious movement

B. Intellectual movement

C. Political movement

D. Educational movement

Ans. B

Who among the following defined Enlightenment meaning as " the liberation of mankind from his self caused state of minority that is exemplified in his determination and courage to ise without the assistance of another" 

A. Francis Bacon

B. Immanuel Kant

C. John Stuart Hall 

D. John Dryden

Ans. B 

Who is the founder of Utilitarianism movement among the following ?

A. Jeremy Bentham 

B. John Stuart Hall 

C. Dente Gabriel Rossetti 

D. Edgar Allan Poe

Ans. A

Who among the following is not associated with Oxford Movement ?

A. Richard Faber 

B. Charles Mariott 

C. Isaac William

D. John Everett Millais 

Ans. D

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was a group of ____.

A. Painters, artists and musicians

B. Painters, poets and critics

C. Dramatists, poets and scholars

D. Artists, critics and singers 

Ans. B

List of Literary movements in English literature :

1. Classicism

2. Romanticism

3. Realism

4. Naturalism

5. Symbolism

6. Modernism

7. Postmodernism

8. Beat Generation

9. Feminism in Literature

10. Magical Realism

11. Existentialism

12. Postcolonial Literature

13. Transcendentalism

14. Surrealism

15. Dadaism

16. Harlem Renaissance

17. Minimalism

18. Literary Criticism and Theory

19. Cyberpunk

20. New Journalism

21. Expressionism

22. Decadent Movement

23. Impressionism

24. Victorian Literature

25. Gothic Literature

26. Renaissance Literature

27. Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

28. Absurdist Literature

29. Confessional Poetry

30. Regionalism and Local Color Fiction

31. Romantic Poetry

32. Metaphysical Poetry

33. Epic Poetry

34. Transcendental Poetry

35. Theatre of the Absurd

36. Neo-Realism

37. Dirty Realism

38. Afrofuturism

39. Chicano Literature

40. Existential Literature