Who is the father of English

Father of English...

List of Father of English poetry, comedy, essay, prose, modern English prose, drama, sonnet, novel, English criticism, science fiction, blank verse, metaphysical poetry etc.

Father of English:....

  • Father of English poetry - Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Father of English comedy - Nicholas Udal
  • Father of English essay - Francis bacon
  • Father of English prose - Alfred, Mandevelle, John Wycliffe
  • Father of moden English prose - Francis bacon
  • Father of English criticism - John Dryden 
  • Father of drama - Christopher Marlowe 
  • Father of novel - Henry fielding 
  • Father of modern drama - Henri Ibsen 
  • Father of science fiction - H.G. wells 
  • Father of American literature - Mark Twain
  • Father of regional novel - Thomas Hardy
  • Father of regional novel (India)- R.K Narayan 
  • Father of modernity in India - Nissim Ezekiel 
  • Father of African literature - chinua Achebe 
  • Father of Essay - Micheal de Montaigne 
  • Father of Greek tragedy - Aeschyless 
  • Father of metaphysical poetry - John Donne 
  • Father of Blank verse - Henry Howard 
  • Father of Iambic pentameter - Earl of Surrey 
  • Father of free verse - Walt Whitman 
  • Father of sonnets - sir Thomas Wyatt

Who is the Father of African literature ?

A. Chinua Achebe
B. Walt Whitman 
C. Henrik Ibsen
D. Henry Ford

Ans. Chinua Achebe 

Who is the Father of modern drama ?

A. Earnest Hemingway
B. Walt Whitman 
C. Henrik Ibsen
D. D. H Laurence

Ans. Henrik Ibsen

Among the following who is NOT considered as Father of English prose - 

A. Alfred, 
B. William Tyndale
C. Mandevelle, 
D. John Wycliffe

Ans. William Tyndale

Who is the Father of English criticism ?

A. Mathew Arnold
B. Ben Jonson
C. I.A. Richards
D. John Dryden

Ans. John Dryden