American Literature MCQ | Entrance Mock Test



Choose the correct answer: 

1. The character Manolin appears in — 

(A) The Sun Also Rises 

(B) Farewell to Arms 

(C) For Whom the Bell Tolls 

(D) The Old Man and the Sea 

2. Who wrote the Civil Disobedience — 

(A) H D Thoreau 

(B) R W Emerson 

(C) J F Cooper 

(D) N Hawthorne Time : Thirty Minutes 

3. The Streetcar Named Desire is a ______________________ by Tennessee Williams (fill in the blank) 

(A) A poem 

(B) a short story 

(C) a novel 

(D) a play

4. The American Civil War ended in — 

(A) 1864 

(B) 1865 

(C) 1866 

(D) 1867 

5. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote — (A) ‘Daybreak’ 

(B) ‘A Narrow Fellow in the Grass’ 

(C) ‘The Wound Dresser’ 

(D) ‘Design’ 

6. The character Benjy appears in — 

(A) The Spy 

(B) The Scarlet Letter 

(C) The Sound and the Fury 

(D) The Snows of Kilimanjaro 

7. Saul Bellow was awarded the Nobel prize in literature in

(A) 1976 

(B) 1977 

(C) 1978 

(D) 1979 

8. ‘To Build a Fire’ is a short story by — 

(A) William Faulkner 

(B) F Scott Fitzgerald 

(C) Jack London 

(D) Ernest Hemmingway

9. A famous poem of Edgar Allan Poe is — (A) ‘The Raven’ 

(B) ‘The Cuckoo’ 

(C) ‘The Crow’ 

(D) ‘The Thrush’ 

10. Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf is written by— 

(A) Arthur Miller 

(B) Tennessee Williams 

(C) Thorntorn Wilder 

(D) Edward Albee 

11. Who is the first black woman writer to win the Nobel prize for literature — 

(A) Toni Morrison 

(B) Alice Walker 

(C) Margaret Walker 

(D) Maya Angelou 

12. The first autobiographical book by Maya Angelou is — 

(A) Gather Together in My Names 

(B) The Heart of a Woman 

(C) All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes

 (D) I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

13. The Enchanted Barn is a novel by— 

(A) Grace Livingston Hill

 (B) Anne Tyler 

(C) Marianne Moore

 (D) Mary McCarthy 

14. Philip Marlow is a detective character created by — 

(A) Raymond Chandler 

(B) Dashiell Hammett 

(C) James M. Cain 

(D) Horace McCoy 

15. The Boston Tea Party was a famous episode in — 

(A) The American War of Independence 

(B) The American Civil War 

(C) The First World War

 (D) The Second World War 

16. The full name of T. S. Eliot is — 

(A) Timothy Stearns Eliot

 (B) Thomas Stearns Eliot 

(C) Tobias Samson Eliot

 (D) Tobias Simson Eliot

17. ‘O Captain! My captain!’ is an elegy on the death of — 

(A) George Washington 

(B) William Jefferson 

(C) Abraham Lincoln

 (D) Franklin D Roosevelt 

18. Who coined the phrase ‘the lost generation’ — 

(A) Gertrude Stein 

(B) Ezra Pound 

(C) Sherwood Anderson 

(D) Carl Sandburg 

19. Rip Van Winkle is a famous character created by — 

(A) J F Cooper 

(B) Herman Melville 

(C) Washington Irving 

(D) Nathaniel Hawthorne 

20. Life on the Mississipi is a memoir by —

 (A) Walt Whitman 

(B) Mark Twain 

(C) H D Thoreau 

(D) R W Emerson —

1. Jejuri was written by — 

(A) Arun Kolatkar 

(B) Dilip Chitre 

(C) Jayanta Mahapatra 

(D) Nissim Ezekiel 

2. We come across the character Raju in — (A) Kanthapura 

(B) The Guide 

(C) Untouchable 

(D) The Vendor of Sweets   

3. Salman Rushdie got the booker prize for The Midnight’s Children in — 

(A) 1979 

(B) 1980 

(C) 1981 

(D) 1982

4. Thus Spake Shoorpanakha, So Said Shakuni by Poile Sengupta is — 

(A) A play 

(B) A poem 

(C) A novel 

(D) An essay 

5. Which one of the following novels is about the opium trade — 

(A) Sea of Poppies 

(B) The Hungry Tide 

(C) The Shadow Lines 

(D) In an Antique Land 

6. “Poet, Lover, Birdwatcher” is a poem by — 

(A) Debjani Chatterjee 

(B) Shanta Acharya 

(C) Sujata Bhatt 

(D) Nissim Ezekiel 

7. On a Muggy Night in Mumbai is a play by —

 (A) Girish Karnad 

(B) Vijay Tendulkar 

(C) Mahesh Dattani 

(D) None of the above

8. 'My Days'  is the autobiography of — 

(A) P. Lal 

(B) Vikram Seth 

(C) Amit Chaudhury 

(D) R. K. Narayan

 9. Who among the following poets writes regularly about Kashmir — 

(A) Agha Shahid Ali 

(B) Keki N. Daruwalla 

(C) Adil Jussawalla 

(D) Sudeep Sen 

10. Nectar in a Sieve is written by — 

(A) Anita Desai 

(B) Kamala Markandaya 

(C) Shashi Deshpande 

(D) Arundhati Roy 

11. The character Arjun Arora appears in the works of — 

(A) Ankush Saikia 

(B) Ananya S Guha 

(C) Sanjukta Dasgupta 

(D) Amit Chaudhury

12. Kamala Das’ Summer in Calcutta was first published in — 

(A) 1964 

(B) 1965 

(C) 1966 

(D) 1967 

13. Which novel of Arun Joshi is inspired by Albert Camus’ The Outsider —

 (A) The Apprentice 

(B) The Strange Case of Billy Biswas

 (C) The Foreigner 

(D) The City and the River 

14. Who among the following wrote The Burning — 

(A) Megha Majumdar 

(B) Manjula Padmanabhan 

(C) Anjum Hasan

 (D) Arundhati Venkatesh 

15. R. V. Raman is famous for writing —

 (A) One-act plays 

(B) Elegiac poems 

(C) Corporate thriller 

(D) Personal essays 

16. The God of Small things was first published in — 

(A) 1994 

(B) 1995 

(C) 1996 

(D) 1997 

17. The character Nanda Kul appears in — 

(A) Fire on the Mountain

 (B) In Custody 

(C) Fasting, Feasting 

(D) Clear Light of Day 

18. Who among the followings was called the Nightingale of India ? 

(A) Toru Dutt 

(B) Aru Dutt 

(C) Sarojini Naidu 

(D) Kamala Das 

19. Which of the following novels is set in Shillong — 

(A) Lunatic in My Head 

(B) The Alphabet of Lust 

(C) He who rides a Tiger 

(D) The Glass Palace 

20. Which play of Asim Currimbhoy centres round the Bengal Naxalite movement ? 

(A) The Refugee 

(B) Inquilab 

(C) Monsoon

 (D) The Miracle Seed —