Victorian Age MCQ - Mock Test 1

 Victorian Age (MCQ)

Mock Test on Victorian Period

Mock test on Victorian era | History of English Literature | 

Who wrote the biography 'Queen Victoria' ?

A. John Keats
B. James Boswell
C. Walter Scott
D. Lytton Strachey
Ans. D

1. The first novel of Charles Dickens is _____.

A. Hard Times
B. A Tale of Two Cities
C. Oliver Twist
D. The Pickwick Papers

Ans. D

2. The Wessex novels are associated with _____.

A. Charles Dickens
B. Thomas Hardy
C. Wilkie Collins
D. Anthony Trollope

Ans. B

3. Mary Ann Evans was the pseudonym of _____.

A. George Eliot
B. Jane Austen
C. Mary Montagu
D. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Ans. A

4.  The Great Western Railway opened in _____.

A. 1850
B. 1815
C. 1838
D. 1859

Ans. C

5. The London Library was established in _____.

B. 1848
C. 1844
D. 1841

Ans. D

6. Heathcliff is the main character in the novel _

a) Wuthering Heights
b) Middlemarch
c) Vilette
d) Jane Eyre

Ans. A

7. Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights was published in _____.

A. 1847
B. 1848
C. 1859
D. 1865

Ans. A

8. The Suez Canal was opened in _____.

A. 1850
B. 1851
C. 1866
D. 1869

Ans. D

9. Which of the following novels is set against the backdrop of the French Revolution?

A. A Tale of Two Cities
B. Hard Times
C. Middlemarch
D. Tancred

Ans. A

10. `The Parish Boy`s Progress` is the subtitle of Dicken`s ___

a) David Copperfield
b) The Tale of Two Cities
c) The Pickwick Papers
d) Oliver Twist

Ans. D

11. Sophia is the important character in Dickens` ____

a) Hard Times
b) Our Mutual Freind
c) Bleak House
d) The Old Curiosity Shop

Ans. D

12. Eliot`s first novel, `Adam Bede` is a ___

a) autobiographical novel
b) historical novel
c) gothic novel
d) pastoral novel

Ans. D

13. `A Study of Provincial Life' is the subtitle of ____

a) Eliot's '' Middlemarch''
b) Elizabeth Gaskell's '' North and South''
c) Dickens' ''' Bildungroman ''
d) Charlotte Brote's ' Jane Eyre '

Ans. A

14. 'The Paris Sketch Book', 'The Book of Snobs'  'The Rose and the Ring' are written by __

a) George Meredith
b) W. M. Thackeray
c) Anne Bronte
d) Emily Bronte

Ans. B

15. Charlotte Bronte's 'Jane Eyer' was published in _

a) 1846
b) 1856
c) 1847
d) 1857

Ans. C

16. 'Agnes Grey' is the novel of _

a) Anne Bronte
b) Emily Bronte
C) Charlotte Brontee
d) Charles Dickens

Ans. A

17. Among the followings who was the British Prime Minister?

a) George Meredith
b) Benjamin Disraeli
c) Anthony Trollope
d) Charles Kingsley

Ans. B

18. 'Vanity Fair', which subtitled 'A Novel Without a Hero', is a satirical novel of manners. The title of the novel is derived from  __

a) Dryden's 'An Essay oF Dramatic Poesy
b) Samuel Butler's 'Hudibras'
c) John Banyan's 'Pilgrim`s Progress'
d) Chaucer's 'Book of the Duchess'

Ans. C

19. Who is the author of The Blessed Damozel ?

(a) Christina Rossetti

(b) D.G.Rossetti

(c) Morris

(d) Swinburne

Ans. B

20.  Aurora Leigh was written by_

 (a) D. G. Rossetti

(b) Elizabeth Barret Browning

(c) Anne Bronte

(d) Robert Browning
Ans. B

Among the following who was appointed as private secretary to Lord Lansdowne in 1847?

A. Mathew Arnold

B. Robert Browning

C. Tennyson

D. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Ans. A

In which year Arnold was appointed as 'Professor of Poetry' at Oxford ?

A. 1856

B. 1857

C. 1858

D. 1859

Ans. B

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