Mock Test on English Literature | MCQS for Net, Set, JRF and Gate Exams

Mock Test on English Literature | MCQS for Net, Set, JRF and Gate Exams


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Quizzes and Mock test on English Literature

 The author of the story 'The Yellow Wallpaper' is - 

a. Kate Chopin

b. Helen Cixous

c. C. P. Gilman

d. Gloria Steinem

John Milton`s Lycidas' is a/an -

a. Sonnet

b. Epic

c. Pastoral elegy

d. Epistle

The Nobel Prize in literature in 2020 was awarded to -

a. Nguni Wa Thiong`O

B. Zadie Smith

c. Svetlana Alexievich 

d. Louise Gluck

Amitav Ghosh`s 'Jungle Nama' is a -

a. Novel 

b. collection of short stories

c. book in verse

d. play

The first attempt at writing a monolingual Dictionary in English was made by -

a. Dr. Samuel Johnson

b. Alexander Pope

c. Ben Jonson 

d. T.S. Eliot

Among the followings which novel was not written by Amitabh Ghosh ?

a. River of Smoke

b. The Circle of Reason

c. Sea of Poppies

d. Red Earth and Pouring Rain

Ahmad Ali is the author of _

a. Twilight in Delhi

b. Phoenix Fled

c. In Custody

d. A Bend in Ganges

Grish Karnad wrote in English and ___ .

a. Telugu

b. Kannada

c. Malayalam

d. Hindi

T.S. Eliot introduced the following term in his essay 'Hamlet and His Problem'

a. Objective Correlative

b. Tradition and Individual

c. Negative Capability

d. Dissociation of Sensibility

The novel 'White Tiger' is written by -

a. R. K. Narayan

b. Kamala Das

c. Amitav Ghosh

d. Arvind Adiga

'Call me Ishmael' is the opening sentence of the novel -

a,. Pride and Prejudice

b. The Scarlet Letter

c. A Farewell to Arms

d. Moby Dick

The Spectator was started by _

a. Richard Steele and John Dryden

b. Richard Steele

c. Joseph Addison

d. Joseph Addison and Richard Steele

Agra Bazar is a famous play by -

a. Vijay Tendulkar

b. Mahasweta Devi

c. Habib Tanvir

d. Badal Sarkar

Aristotle wrote his famous work 'Poetics' in -

a. Greek

b. Latin

c. French 

d. English 

Francis Bacon wrote in English and ____.

a. French 

b. Greek

c. Latin 

d. German

Salim Sinai is a character in the novel __.

a. Heart of Darkness

b. Midnight Children

c. Kim 

d. The Scarlet Letter

''In Memory of W. B. Yeats'' is a famous poem written by ___.

a. Ezra Pound

b. W. H. Auden

c. Rabindranath Tagore

d. J. M. Synge

A Journal of the Plague Year is a famous work by __. 

a. Richardson

b. Daniel Defoe

c. Mary Shelley

d. Sir Walter Scott

In Shakespeare`s play 'Hamlet`, Hamlet is a student at the University of  __.

a. Witterberg

b. Gutenberg

c. Oxford

d. Cambridge

Eric Arthur Blair is commonly known as __.

a. George Eliot

b. George Orwell

c. W. H. Auden

d. Ezra Pound

Who is the author of 'Crime and Punishment' ?

a. Ivan Turgenev

b. Emile Zola

c. Fyodor Dostoevesky

d. Leo Tolstoy

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