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For which novel did R. K. Narayan recieve the Sahitya Academy Award?

A. The Financial Expert

B. The Guide

C. The Dark Room

D. Mr. Sampath

Ans. B

 The Sahitya Academy Awards are given for best writings in how many Indian languages ?

A. 12

B. 18

C. 20

D. 22

Ans. D

Who was the first recipient of the Sahitya Academy Award for the best writing in English ?

A. Mulk Raj Anand

B. R. K. Narayan 

C. Khushwant Singh

D. Ahmad Ali

Ans. B

A very popular film was made on one of the novels of R. K. Narayan. Among the following novels  which one was made ?

A. Malgudi Days

B. Mr. Sampath

C. Waiting for the Mahatma

D. The Guide

Ans. D

In which of the following works a orphan Anglo-Indian boy named Rusty appears ? 

A. Ruskin Bond's The Room on the Roof

B. Nissim Ezekiel's The Unfinished Man

C. Khushwant Singh's Train to Pakistan

D. Raja Rao's Kanthapura 

Ans. A

A very important T.V. Serial was made on one of the novels of R. K. Narayan. Identify the novel. 

A. The Guide

B. The Bachelor of Art

C. Waiting for the Mahatma

D. Malgudi Days

Ans. D

Which of the following was writen by Mulk Raj Anand ?

A. The Serpent and the Rope

B. The White Tiger

C. The Untouchable 

D. Swami and Friends

Ans. C

Who is the author of ''Summer in Culcutta'' ?

A. Anita Desai

B. Kamala Das

C. R. K. Narayan

D. Mulk Raj Anand

Ans. B

Nissim Ezakiel`s ' Hymns in Darkness' is ----

A. A Drama

B. A novel

C. Literary Essays

D. Collection of poems

Ans. D

Which of the following Indian writers shortlisted for Booker Prize 3 times ?

A. Kamala Das
B. Rabindranath Tagore
C. Anita Desai
D. VS Naipaul

Ans. C

Mulk Raj Anand`s 'The Untouchable' was published in ___

A. 1934

B. 1935

C. 1936

D. 1937

Ans. B

Who is the protagonist in 'Untouchable'?

A. Bakha

B. Lakha

C. Salim Senai

D. Munnu

Ans. A

Who is the protagonist in Anand`s novel 'Coolie'?

A. Munno

B. Bakha

C. Lakha

D. Nataraj

Ans. A

Who said, ''Ezakiel is a poet of the city, Bombay'' ?

A. Linda Hess

B. R. Parthasarthy

C. Kamala Das

D. K. S. Iyengar

Ans. B

Who wrote the preface to 'The Untouchable' ?

A. E. M. Forster

B. F. R. Leavis

C. R. K. Narayan

D. Rabindranath Tagore

Ans. A


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